True wireless earphones- An ultimate guide


Massive technological advancements in every sector are making work a lot much easier. Whether it is medical, research, military, aviation, or entertainment, each is doing wonders in technology. Everyone is riding the same bus with a different perspective. If we talk about the communication sector, it is only due to technology that every single individual is carrying a mobile phone. You want to contact any specific person just make a call and you are done.

Earlier it was not so easy, as before mobile phones there were landlines. One has to be at home for talking to the person on the other side of the phone. And if you remember, then not everyone had a landline as well. With continuous research & advancement there came earphones that changed the way people used to enjoy music. Wireless headphones were another upgrade to the earphones that eliminated the need for connection by inserting the earphone pin into the mobile.

Now, it’s a whole new world. We have another great upgrade in the earphone technology, which is known as ‘true wireless’.  These types of earphones are entirely different from wireless headsets. The basic difference is that they lack any wire or physical connector. It’s something beyond imagination.

How true wireless headphones look?

They come in a variety of designs, shapes, and colors. But, their appearance is quite similar like small earbuds that you have seen in regular wired earphones. True wireless earphones fit easily into the ears while eliminating any wire tangling. Also, there is no risk of damage due to wire stretching caused by various reasons.  You will find many quality true wireless earphones in the market with different aesthetics.

The features

  • Convenient to use

The first and foremost advantage of using true wireless technology is convenience. As we have discussed above they are completely devoid of wire so no adjustment of wire required. Plus, they easily & securely fit into the ears delivering clear sound whether you are on the phone or enjoying some great music.

  • Excellent connectivity range

As these true wireless headphones connect via Bluetooth, they offer a great connectivity range. Some high-quality models have a connectivity range of up to 30 feet and they maintain an uninterrupted connection as well.

  • Controls

Some models come up with volume control on the earbuds itself so you don’t have to pull your phone out. Some also include buttons for skipping a track, talking to the voice assistant and taking calls. All this will depend on the brand and model chosen. The simple theory behind this is, more the features higher will be the price. This means that, as you go up in the price better will be the model with all the features required.

  • Quick and easy access

Being small in size with a compact charging case, true wireless earbuds can quickly be inserted in your ears. While this not the case with wired ones, as you must have experienced the struggle untangling wired earphones keeping in mind that wire should not stretch much. This hassle is not at all there in the advanced earphones.

  • Rapid pairing

No jack, no connector, just turn on the earphones and Bluetooth on your phone and it’s all done. What you require at first when you use true wireless earphones for the first time is pair once to your smartphone and that will be last as well. From the next time, whenever you turn on the earphones they will automatically get paired.

  • Wireless charging

The case you will receive while purchasing true wireless earphones will keep them charged. You just need to make sure that whenever you go out that case is completely charged. Whenever the earbuds are not in use and are kept in their case, they are charging on-the-go. You need not worry about their battery at all. They also have excellent battery life.

  • Codecs

If you are a tech-savvy lad, then this point is for you. Apart from all things one another point of concern while looking for features of true wireless headphones is their codecs. For Android users, it is not of much concern as the latest Android devices support most of the Bluetooth audio codecs. Hence they have a lot of options to choose from. It is seen that Apple devices support SBC and AAC of higher quality, so you must look for earbuds with AAC support so that you can enjoy high-resolution music.

The time is not far when they will become much cheaper & common due to this rapid technological changes. True wireless earphones will be seen in the ears of every second person in the few next years and the ratio can increase as well.

Other factors of your concern

  • The sound quality

Most people are concerned that whether the sound quality of true wireless headphones is as good as of the ones having the wire. The answer is simple if you choose a good brand rather than looking for cheap headphones sound quality is not of much concern. With changing technology, you will see better enhancement in this aspect as well and experience a greater quality of sound as they have now.

  • The care

Many of us think that if something new & expensive is there special care and maintenance is required. No, this perception is not always true. Especially the truly wireless headphones do not require any special care. It’s just similar to the care you give to your current headsets. This also depends upon person to person; if you use them responsibly they will serve you longer.

  • Safety issue

Whoever says that using true wireless headphones is unsafe is completely wrong. We are living in a world where less is considered more and to manage the gap there has to be something different. So, folks, you need not worry because Bluetooth emits a very low frequency that causes no danger to human beings. Remember, Wi-Fi is almost everywhere and is emitting radiations continuously those are also of very low frequency, even a thousand times less than a phone does. So stay out of worries and keep enjoying some good music.

  • Is it possible to use them while doing sports or exercise?

This is a very good question to answer. Now, whether you can use true wireless headphones during the workout or no will entirely depend on the type of earphone you have. The reason why we said this is that some models are not workout-friendly. Using those models carelessly during sports or workouts can be financially harmful, as you might end up losing or damaging them if fallen. But most brands guarantee that their model is workout-friendly and you can use them during exercise sessions without any worries.

This guide for truly wireless earphones might have cleared a lot of mess you had in your mind about this accessory. The logic is simple that changing technology is giving better things but we have to pay a price for the new technology accordingly. So choose your budget and select the best option from the range to proudly experience the advanced wireless technology in the field of earphones.

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