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Transforming from Manual Testing to Automation becomes a Need
Transforming from Manual Testing to Automation becomes a Need

As a software tester, I started my career in a reputed MNC just after I finished my graduation in BE Computer Science with 70% marks. Since I had a conception that becoming a software tester is all I needed to earn a lot of money and become successful. Soon the market started changing and I ignored it, as I was comfortable with the job and salary that I got. After spending 5 years in the same company when I started realizing my co-workers have started upskilling and finding better options and high salary package, I started to get a little worried. My long-time friend who lived in Bangalore and worked with a reputed company as an automation tester came to my rescue. He suggested me not to stagnate in manual testing and upskill immediately with automation. He advised me to learn Selenium Training in Chennai which has a booming market and which can help me to get better career options as well.

So, to find out more about Selenium I researched it on the internet. Selenium was born in 2004 when Jason Huggins was testing an application at ThoughtWorks. To avoid manually testing the same tests for every change he made and wasting his time, he created a Javascript library which permitted him to automatically rerun tests alongside multiple browsers.

I found out that automated testing was on the rise. To change manual effort to automation scripts strong coding skills are needed. You should also have strong skills to find bugs and the approach to build a framework that is strong and flexible.  Selenium among all other testing tools is more popular and the reason for the same is that it comes free of cost. Selenium is an open-source tool and anyone can download and use it without paying any cost. Selenium also has great community support where you can initiate your issues and problems with the tool and there are world-wide users ready to support you with the solutions.

Since I was from a Computer Science background, I was comfortable with the basics of programming. My friend suggested I not waste any more time and get enrolled in the best place for automation i.e. TestLeaf – Leading training institute in Chennai which had the best mentors and coaches under one roof. They provide great hands-on practical sessions from the first day of your training. All concepts are clearly explained with examples. Daily home-works and assignments from the mentors make the participants practice more. As they say “Practice makes a man perfect” comes true here. Project days are a very important part of TestLeaf training as they make the participants ready to implement their learnings into real projects and assess themselves. TestLeaf training not only makes the participants technically prepared for the current market but also, ensure participants are confident in the interviews. They share around 4000+ real-time interview questions which are very helpful. Resume rebuilding also ensures that participants have presentable and updated resumes. Post-training placement support is laudable. Every walk-ins and opening are informed to the participants in WhatsApp groups on a daily basis. What else one needs? I enrolled and completed my training successfully from TestLeaf. In a month’s time, I had 3 offers in my hand from Chennai’s top MNCs. I was fortunate to find a place where they offer knowledge and skills with so much dedication. So, friends, the mistake that I did of wasting my 5 years in manual testing – Please do not repeat it and get upskilled with TestLeaf now to get the best for your career. All the best!

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