Top 5 Expected Smartphones in 2018

  1. iPhone 9Expected Smartphones in 2018

Let’s start with a new smartphone from Apple, which, according to tradition, is due out in the autumn. New “iPhones” are being awaited right after the release of the previous ones, while simultaneously finding some new shortcomings in the models just purchased – the screen burns out, the speaker cracks. This year, Apple decided to skip the number “nine” and released two models – the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. However, do not worry – the “nine” is not lost. Its presentation was just postponed for the next year. Well, you could not call the iPhone X somehow different, it’s a jubilee smartphone. Since there are only a few rumors about the “nine”. Many analysts assume that the smartphone will fully justify the figure in the name, according to its characteristics being somewhere between 8 and X. The device is predicted to have frameless screen on an OLED matrix, the diagonal will be 5.5 inches. Although it is unclear, why the manufacturer would not release again two models with different diagonals, as he has been doing for several years in a row?

There will be a wireless charging, first tested on Apple smartphones this year. In addition, some predict the presence of the Home button, but only on the screen. Naturally, as the processor, another productive development of engineers from Cupertino will be offered. Naturally, there must appear some unique functions, which by then no one will yet have. The engineers have enough time to invent it. It would be great to add RAM and increase the battery capacity, although with the performance and autonomy of the iPhone everything is not bad even now. Well, just in case.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S9Expected Smartphones in 2018

Naturally, where Apple, and there are Samsung – old rivals try to defeat each other with innovations, dividing buyers into two large camps. What is Samsung preparing for us next year? We will learn the details very soon – the official presentation of the new flagship is planned right before the MWC 2018 exhibition in January.

  1. OnePlus 6Expected Smartphones in 2018

This smartphone, of course, will not be as popular as the two above, but it is popular due to innovative features and simple design. Traditionally, this smartphone is called the “killer of the flagships”, and therefore it is interesting, what “weapon” will it use in 2018?

  1. Xiaomi Mi 7Expected Smartphones in 2018

Xiaomi is a Chinese company that is eager to burst into the first echelon and presents very worthy gadget, which at the same time cost much less than recognized flagships. The official announcement of Xiaomi Mi 7 should be held in mid-April 2018, and so far we have only rumors and insider data.

  1. Microsoft Surface PhoneExpected Smartphones in 2018

This smartphone is waiting for everyone who is not bothered by Microsoft’s attempts to present a really worthwhile device to Windows. They wanted to release it in 2017, but somehow it did not work out.

If you have a habit of changing your smartphone once a year, then you probably will be interested in the above mentioned devices. If not, but your previous gadget is already outdated, then in 2018 you will have the opportunity of choice.

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