TOP 3 Tools to remove background from a photo

remove background from a photo

This article is about to introduce three tools to remove background from a photo: Photoshop, BgEraser, and Removebg. All these tools serve different needs, but before deciding which background eraser tool is the best to remove background from a photo, we need to learn about their salient features.

1. Photoshop

Photoshop is a graphics editor by Adobe Inc., which has the largest market share and is now the industry standard for graphics editing and digital art. It is a potent tool to manipulate the images and very effective in removing backgrounds from different photographs.

However, Photoshop can remove backgrounds from a photo, but it is not easy to use. You have to learn complicated tools and procedures before even starting to use it. It is an advanced tool with a myriad of functions serving a variety of needs.

Pros of Photoshop

1. Multipurpose: The software is capable of creating several animations, editing photos, and generating greeting cards and flyers, etc.

2. Versatile: It can deal with almost every type of image format available with its wide range of tools and functions.

3. Increases resolution: From the point of view of a graphic designer, it is a potent tool to increase the image resolution for print and digital platforms.

4. Tools and plugins: The software comes preloaded with a great variety of useful tools, and you can add many plugins to improve its capability.

5. Catchy graphics: You can create almost everything you can imagine. It can mesmerize everyone with its professional quality work.

Cons of Photoshop

1. Costly: It is expensive to purchase and maintain this software, especially compared to other software with similar features. For instance, Gimp is now available for free.

2. Not user-friendly: The interface of photoshop is too overwhelming and is quite challenging to grasp for beginners.

3. Need an excellent graphics card to support it: It requires a good quality dedicated graphics card and processor to work smoothly.

4. Vector support is missing: You may not get full vector support in all photoshop versions. You may have to use Adobe illustrator if you work with a heavy dose of vector graphics.

2. BgEraser

BgEraser is a website that provides a background remover tool for all categories of users, including designers, beginners, online business people, e-commerce entrepreneurs, etc. It is extremely fast in delivering the service to remove background from any photo you upload.

BgEraser service is professional and relatively easy to use and also free for trial and evaluation purposes. For instance, any person can try it free of cost. Suppose you are interested in removing backgrounds of resolution up to 2000Px, or you want to experience batch processing power. In that case, you can still try that free of cost but need to signup or register by only giving your email address. There is a restriction of 5 images per month for evaluation to avoid any misuse.

BgEraser uses Artificial Intelligence to remove background from the uploaded photos. Without any manual intervention, it can remove background from jpeg and png format of pictures. It is straightforward to use, and you need only three necessary steps. The first step starts with the upload of images by browsing or dragging. In the second step, you click the start button so that this background eraser tool can start its magic. The last step refers to downloading your converted photos to your device. You can complete all three steps in quick succession, and it takes hardly five seconds to complete the whole process.

remove background from a photo

Pros of BgEraser

1. Ideal for free and paid users: It is free of cost for beginners and those who want to evaluate it. Even for paid users, it is highly cost-effective with a per image cost of $0.03-S0.07 only

2. Fast tool: BgEraser background eraser works in just 3 seconds to remove backgrounds from any image.

3. User-friendly: You will never have to learn complicated software for just background removal. The interface is most effortless and intuitive to use.

4. Deletes all images: This background remover website deletes all pictures within 24 hours of uploading.

5. Time-saver: You can convert images within 5 seconds; You do not need to learn any additional software; You can use batch processing to convert all images in one go. All this results in huge savings of time.

Cons of BgEraser

1. Not for very high resolution: The tool cannot handle files with resolutions higher than 2000×2000 and images saved in a format other than png or jpeg. Hence, it may not suit a few professionals seeking high resolution and accuracy.

2. Low accuracy in complicated images: It may not be highly accurate in intricate images

3. Removebg tool (

It is another online tool to remove background, but it is comparatively expensive. The per-image cost is as high as $1.70. Even if you take a monthly subscription, the cost per image ranges from $0.10 to $0.20. This tool is also based on artificial intelligence and is fast enough to remove background from any photo.

Pros of removebg

1. Saves time: If you want to complete your work in a rush, the tool is handy to save time.

2. Saves storage: Compared to other photo editing software, you do not need to install heavy software consuming a lot of storage space.

3. Easy to use: You can upload your images quickly, and it does remove backgrounds without any clicks.

4. Works on low configuration devices: Unlike photoshop or Gimp, You don’t need a high configuration PC or laptops for this tool to work. That way, it is suitable for beginners.

Cons of removebg

1. Low quality: You won’t get excellent results for detailed images.

2. Not for commercial use: Low quality and rough edges put many customers off.

3. High cost: The lowest price is $0.10 per picture, and that too, for a monthly commitment of 2800 images. That is asking for too much. If you want to convert just one shot, you have to shell out $1.70.


From above, it is clear that all three tools serve the needs of different sets of customers, but for removing backgrounds, BgEraser is the best choice because it is the most cost-effective, user-friendly, and time-saving tool.

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