TEAMGROUP has announced the launch of its creator brand T-CREATE. As the first single 32GB large capacity creator memory, T-CREATE CLASSIC 10L DDR4 DESKTOP MEMORY was launched under everyone’s attention. With its classic matte silver color and large capacity, it stands out from the 4,769 entries and won the internationally renowned GOOD DESIGN Award of Japan. Born for creativity, the new brand T-CREATE will be the best partner for creative audiovisual talent to find their inspiration and create classic works that belong to creators.

The Japanese GOOD DESIGN Award is one of the four largest design awards in the world today. Established in 1957, the origin of this award was the “GOOD DESIGN Selection System” which was created by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization. The award is not only an important competition for the design industry, but also for the enrichment of society, human life, and industry through design, which has played a historical and iconic role in the design industry and is still very influential today. As the winner of the Japanese GOOD DESIGN Award, T-CREATE CLASSIC 10L DDR4 DESKTOP MEMORY will lead creators to create even more outstanding designs with excellent performance.

T-CREATE CLASSIC 10L DDR4 DESKTOP MEMORY has a classic matte silver design with the use of a professional 10-layer board that is thickened and anti-interference, it can optimize the anti-noise processing ability. The customized capacitor can fully withstand the high temperature caused by the system operation and maintain a stable output voltage. With a single large capacity of 32GB and the frequency is up to 3200MHz for creators to choose from. Whether it is for animation production, file editing, and processing or running multiple virtual machines, it can respond instantly to offer a smooth experience. This makes the creative process more efficient, and the comprehensive lifetime warranty gives creators peace of mind to fully enjoy unlimited creativity.


  • Unbeatable classic with eye-catching features
  • 10 layers circuits design with professional anti-noise feature
  • Customized high-temperature resistant capacitor
  • Outstanding multitasking ability
  • The Lifetime warranty offers you peace of mind when creating

Product Specifications

Module TypeDDR4 288 Pin Unbuffered DIMM Non ECC
Capacity8GBx2/ 16GBx2 / 32GBx2
Data Transfer Bandwidth21,328 MB/s(PC4 21300)25,600 MB/s(PC4 25600)
Dimensions32(H) x 140(L) x 7(W)mm
Heat SpreaderAluminum heat spreader
WarrantyLifetime warranty


  • We reserve the right to modify product specifications without prior notice.

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As a leading provider of memory storage products and mobile applications to the consumer market, Team Group Inc .is committed to providing the best storage, multimedia, and data sharing solutions. All TEAMGROUP’s memory module products come with a lifetime warranty, repair, and replacement services. Team Group Inc . also listed companies on the stock exchange market in January 2019. In 2016, TEAMGROUP established the T-FORCE gaming series which including all the gaming memory modules. For more information, please visit the TEAMGROUP website at or Follow our social media including Facebook: /Twitter: Instagram:

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