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Email is a valuable and effective marketing resource in the crypto world. Just like in other industries, it’s a personalized way of communicating with your audience. However, in the crypto industry, things work a bit differently. Due to a number of cryptocurrency email scams, some email providers have a ban on email newsletters related to crypto.

In this guide, we’re bringing you tips on how to send out effective email newsletters and actually reach those users.

  1. Do not use capitalization

Nowadays, there is a very common style when writing all kinds of relatively important texts. It is common for a title to have a capitalization on each word that makes it up. Especially in the crypto industry, this does not provide good results.

It is the factor that will allow for an excellent return on investment. In this case, there are several studies and research that explain the poor results in general in the capitalization of each word. Simply put, when you use a capital first letter for each word, emails open 35% less.

On the contrary, here, it is possible to notice in a simple way that capitalizing only the initial word is what gives the best results in general. Otherwise, there is a great risk that most of the emails have been detected as spam. Here they will be discarded in a very easy way, decreasing the total earnings.

  1. Beware of the length

Another aspect that is important to obtain good results is how long or short the subject of an email is. The important thing here is to keep it relatively short. In particular, it is recommended as a limit to writing a subject of up to 30 characters. Of course, it is also good that the subject is even less than that.

In particular, the probability of a short subject being read increases considerably. Compared to long subjects, a short subject is much easier to read in general. In general, 61.9% of all emails received by a mobile device end up being read.

This may be true because it is the number of characters that a particular mobile device preview shows. Also, as we have mentioned, writing in lowercase gives a personalization aspect to the subject. Therefore, this further increases the probability that the user will actually read your email.

  1. The importance of personalization

Although we have already mentioned it, it is necessary to repeat that personalization is a very important aspect. In this case, people, in general, want to receive messages that are dedicated to them. So, this means that no one wants to feel like part of a random mass of people.

There is even some research and studies that support these particular aspects. For this, it is really useful to have some tools like some kind of CRM dedicated to email marketing. By doing this, you can easily and quickly insert some specific data of each person. You can also use helpful websites for students with writers and email marketers who can do that for you.

Among the most common data used is the telephone number, birthday, or simply the full name. When this data is inserted, the person feels that it is a specially personalized message. Therefore, the result here will be much more positive.

  1. Targeting the email

One of the most common errors in an email message is talking too much about the sender. Even in the cryptocurrency industry, it is really useful when highlighting the needs of the recipient. A lot of digital marketers understand that this is the most important thing.

So, when contacting a potential customer, it can be really useful to talk about their needs. Here, it’s a matter of helping the recipient to achieve a higher economic return than at present. On the contrary, it is necessary to avoid mentioning the word sale or things like that.

Since most people follow their interests, the recipient will not be interested in the needs of the sender. When you manage to direct the matter to the selfish interest of the recipient, you will get good results overall. In other words, it is simply a matter of understanding the other person, rather than talking about yourself.

  1. Incorporate emojis and other special characters

Generally, issues that seem too serious may not be the most appropriate in the crypto industry. Therefore, to avoid negative results in this regard, it may be useful to incorporate some special characters.

Here the most common example is the use of emojis within the subject. Some several types of research and studies support the use of emojis to obtain good results. Thus, most brands that use emojis within the subject increase the number of clicks and opening rates.

On the other hand, other studies indicate that emails that include a subject and emojis are better received than those with a classic subject. This is why it is an excellent way to start incorporating the great variety of emojis that exist today. Besides, you will be communicating a lot of ideas, since they are small images.

In other words, here, the phrase one picture is worth a thousand words are important, and it is very useful. Even marketing experts say that a subject that includes emojis is much easier to remember than those that only include letters and numbers.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

Finally, it is necessary to mention that it is not possible to get the perfect email subject from the first attempt. On the contrary, it is a practice that needs to be perfected over time.

To do this, it is very useful to analyze the return on investment obtained from changes in the subject line. Also, of course, other data can be incorporated to reflect the new changes made in this regard. After that, you will be able to further refine these techniques used.


The subject line is your entryway into getting your email read, so it’s definitely worth it to get it just right. Try playing around with it and test adding emojis, extra personalization, audience targeting, and segmentation.

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