Technology as a Medium for Gaming and Creativity

Gaming and Creativity

Technology as a Medium for Gaming and Creativity

Gaming and Creativity

As indicated by the 2010 U.S. Census, there are more than 74 million kids in the United States and around 79% have access to the internet. Pew research recorded that around 75% of youngsters utilize a cell phone and that the rate was expected to increase, in 2010. As indicated by Nielsen, 56% of families have no less than one current-era gaming console. However this is not limited to the only U.S, it has spread worldwide. These insights and numerous more indicate the gigantic expansion of technology in a youngster’s regular day to day life. Our teens are growing in the technology environment and that technology is a mind-blowing advancement for society.

Virtual reality

Gaming and Creativity

Without naming virtual reality, it is hard to discuss gaming advancement. It’s a technology that creates realistic images, sounds or other sensations in the game. Gamer can experience being in a three-dimensional condition. It’s a fundamental part of the game. So basically virtual reality means near-reality. It gives the gamer the benefit of enjoying the visuals or other sensations in the game and makes him/her attract to technology more.

Wearable gaming gear

Wearable gaming gear is another technology advancement used in the gaming sector. Wearable gaming gear includes equipment such as VR headsets, specific hand gloves, gaming stage associated wristbands, and neural impulse actuators. The gaming wearable’s specialty is probably going to experience a fast and hazardous release of new gear sooner rather than later.

Gesture Control

Gesture Control is the ability either to interact with or control the computer system without having any direct physical contact. Present-day gaming equipment depends on 3D cameras, effective artificial intellect systems and track-able focus typically put on particular parts of the body to convey fantastic gaming experiences.

High definition graphics

Gaming and Creativity

Due to technology advancement, the graphics used are gaming is also getting effective. “Technology has changed the whole concept of gaming, making it more towards real and even the graphics used in gaming are now in high definition,” says Andrew David who is a graphic designer at Game Period. There are high definition graphics such as graphics cards, GPUs and data compression systems which have changed the era of gaming graphics. There is also a gaming screen that supports 4K (4,000 pixels).

Royal Vegas gaming technology

Royal Vegas casino has utilized a few advances to make its games appealing and exceptionally captivating. To begin with, all games accompany point by point illustrations that adventure the computational power of modern PCs and cell phones. Royal Vegas is on the cutting edge of this revolution with high definition and graphics-rich offerings. One of the great examples is the Ariana slots game. This implies players can expect superior quality game conditions rendered utilizing true to life quality graphics.

Build for Creativity

There are various different parts that technology can take to bolster youngsters’ creative exercises. Consider the open door for technology to play the part of a distributer, teacher, conductor, executive, or associate. The parts that technology can take are multidimensional and can engage kids. Youngsters create by developing with their condition with the objective of changing or understanding it to such an extent that they can actively alter their own ideas to match that condition. Technology can enhance the creativity inside the child and even bring out the creativity which is hidden inside a child.

Technological tools help boost student creativity

Blogs: are an extraordinary route for the advancement of creative thinking and writing. It gives flexibility to students to post whatever they need and remark upon or share each other’s material. They can straightforwardly compose on points that interest them and offer open to their thoughts without worrying about reviewing or syntactic mistakes. Blogging makes students feel in charge of their own learning and they are urged to combine creativity in their learning. Examples of the best blogging sites are Edublogs, Blogger, WordPress and many more.

Cartoon and Comic Strip Tools: Students are fond of cartoons and comics, we can tell this privilege from the sparkle in their eyes at whatever point instructors bring such material into their lesson plans. In this way, we can engage students to build their own comic strip or cartoon animations. This will not only give them a chance to think but also make them creative without any hindrance. Cartoons for the Classroom is one well-known site, which is an extraordinary asset of funny cartoons for students.

Mind-Mapping and Brainstorming tools: Brainstorming has allowed students to be unique and creative about their ideas. Through the use of technology, brainstorming is now even more simple and appealing. With the help of technology, now students can create mind-maps or graphics to explain their topic. Spider Scribe, Wise Mapping, Chart Tool, and Creately are free mind-mapping tools that can be used for students when required.

Video and Audio tools: Through the use of technological advancement, students can now create any video in which they can show their creativity and the concept. It is the best way to bring out the creativity and think outside the box and make a unique piece of work. Even with audio, students can play with the voices through the medium of technology.

Digital storytelling tools: Telling story is not effective if it’s not creative, it’s a way of communicating with others. To tell a story, a person should be creative therefore digital telling tools are the best way to explore your creativity.

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