Tech tools to expedite your Shopify eCommerce Business in 2022

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Shopify is one of the fast-growing eCommerce platforms that facilitate quick setup and extensive reach for startups and enterprises. Apart from the inbuilt features of this platform, there are many other tools that a Shopify app development company can help you integrate. Using these tools not only makes business management a breeze, but it is equally beneficial for the users. They provide out-of-the-box functionalities and extended reach to products and services.

Today, we will discuss some of these tools that can be integrated into your platform using Shopify custom development services. There are many tools like Shopify product customizer, Sizing apps, inventory management, Shopify product customizer, and more. We will consider some of the most popular tools that can benefit businesses operating under any industrial niche. You can use these tools to expedite your online business with some exclusive features and functionalities to grow sales and ease of managing the store.

Must have Third-party Tech Tools for existing and upcoming Shopify stores

  • Omnisend Marketing Automation for Email and SMS marketing 

Marketing your store is an essential part of your eCommerce strategies. You should focus on new ways to reach potential customers to get more sales for your store. If Email and SMS marketing is your priority, you can take the help of Omnisend to take care of it for you.  

The tool can use transactional events, user lifecycle, and behaviors for customized emails, texts, and notifications to the users. One of the most satisfying features of this tool is that it can send automated emails to the users who have abandoned the cart during the buying process on your Shopify store.

  • Pushowl for enhanced use of Push Notifications 

Push notifications are one of the best ways to keep your customers engaged with your business. Whether it is a new sale, new launches, or important updates, push notifications can do it in seconds. Pushowl is one of the leading third-party tools to help you make the best use of Push Notification on both web and mobile versions of your Shopify store. 

It is equally beneficial for stores operating in multiple countries as it has the capability to translate the notifications into different languages as per the target audience. Hence this tool can help you increase your global reach in a significant manner.

  • Gorgias for unparalleled customer support 

The success of your Shopify store widely depends on customer support services. If you fail to provide good customer support, you can never survive the competition in the eCommerce industry. Moreover, providing such services is essential to meet industry standards, and Gorgias can help you with it. 

You can hire a Shopify app development company to successfully integrate this tool to resolve the queries and grievances of your customers better than ever before. The tool is great because it enables you to set the automatic responses for the common questions and categorize the queries based on urgency.

  • Malomo for efficient order tracking 

Efficient order tracking is a must to ensure that customers don’t face problems with order deliveries. The stores that don’t give importance to it can face problems because of misplaced or excessively delayed orders. Shopify custom development can help you overcome this challenge by integrating the Malomo order tracking tool. 

It sends transactional emails to the users in a unique manner with the ability to add custom promotional content like product recommendations and blogs for additional conversions. The branded and user-friendly order tracking features help your store grow as a reputed brand with an enhanced user experience.

  • Nacelle for faster and flexible eCommerce 

Headless commerce is popular these days, and many business owners are exploring it to attain brown and sustainability for their eCommerce business. If you wish to use Headless commerce on your Shopify store, Nacelle can become a good asset for you. Nacelle can integrate with your Shopify store flawlessly making your website fast and performance-oriented for any device. This tool helps you to keep your Shopify store future-ready and flexible.

  • Density for Enhanced Analytics 

Monitoring the performance of your store is one of the essential things for ensuring steady growth. Though Shopify has many inbuilt analytical tools to facilitate the store owners, they may fail to cover all the dimensions of your business. You can integrate Daasity to monitor vital elements like marketing, sales, revenue, and much more thus ensuring smooth returns for your business. The tool lets you export and customizes the reports to get insights crucial for your business.

  • Yotpo for customer reviews and ratings  

Customer reviews and ratings play an important role in shaping your brand image. It also helps the users to help each other while finding the most suitable products on your Shopify store. If you wish to have this functionality in your store, you can take help from a Shopify custom development expert.

He will integrate this tool into your platform thus providing options for ratings and reviews to your customers. The Yotpo tool is capable of providing loyalty programs which is yet another vital asset for any eCommerce business.

  • to manage customer re-engagement

 If you wish for a centralized platform to manage the efforts you put in re-engaging customers, is the best tool. You can hire a Shopify app development company because they manage things like gift cards, rewards, and loyalty. It can also help to streamline the processes of returns and refunds so that you can concentrate more on creating good customer experiences.


These were some of the best custom apps to help you boost the performance and growth of your Shopify store. There are many other tools such as Shopify product customizers and size chart apps that can become a good choice. The important thing is to hire a good Shopify app development company because they can help you overcome any technical challenges while integrating and testing these third-party tools into your store. Shopify custom development experts can also help you identify the other tools that can maximize the performance of your Shopify stores.

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