Things to know before buying a Tech Gadget


Seems the whole world is depending upon technology these days. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you need to interact with a technical device or gadget to get done with your work. Every industry is in a race to enhance their produce more technically and adding a touch of sophistication in it, to maintain uniqueness from competitors.

Benefits of Using Tablets in POS System

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The use of tablets has become rampant in this generation. Restaurants are not excluded from businesses that have adapted to the new trend. Operators have deployed the tablets POS systems for different types of applications. The applications of tablet POS systems vary from payment acceptance to order-taking. There are so many benefits from integrating the … Read more

Review on Comparium

Review On Comparium

When you are developing the best website in your career, then you must rely on the most trusted tools for cross-browsing tools. This feature could be incorporated with automated testing as well.  And the Comparium tool is the best amongst the choices online, which I also have experienced. To know more, read below the best … Read more

10 Steps to Cybersecurity with IASME Certification

With IASME certification, you can lead your business in the right direction with the right level of security. However, most of the people are still unaware of how they can implement cybersecurity with IASME certification. If you are one of them, let’s look at the following official ten steps to ensure cybersecurity with IASME certification: … Read more

Tech Interview: Metro Exodus, ray tracing and the 4A Engine’s open world upgrades

Remember the days when key technological innovations in gaming debuted on PC? The rise of multi-platform development and the arrival of PC technology in the current generation of consoles has witnessed a profound shift. Now, more than ever, PlayStation and Xbox technology defines the baseline of a visual experience, with upgrade vectors on PC somewhat … Read more

Nokia testing emergency drone tech system in Philippines


The industrial research arm of Nokia has partnered with Smart communications and the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) in a disaster-response initiative called “Nokia Saving Lives.” The collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs will use a network of LTE-connected drones equipped with cameras and sensors that can be deployed to disaster areas along with a portable LTE … Read more

Ways to market a small business and how to plan a marketing budget

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Marketing is vital for all businesses today irrespective of small or scale business. Marketing is also equally crucial to non-profit firms as well. Today leading companies are coming up with various new and innovative marketing strategies to market their products more widely. Marketing is not just limited to printing and television advertisements today but social … Read more