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Gates Foundation Launches an Open Source Digital Payments Platform “Mojaloop”

It is a well-known fact that the gates Foundation run by Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates use majority of their earnings for charity and other welfare programmes. Today, the Gates Foundation announced an open source digital payments platform with the name Mojaloop. Mojoloop is a platform where different companies can create their very […]


Facebook And Microsoft’s Open Source Project To Make Neural Networks Movable

Facebook and Microsoft have launched a new joint initiative of developing an open source project that will create a shared model representation. This model will work on neural networks and on different programming frameworks. The project is named as the Open Neutral Network Exchange (ONNX) which will provide model sharing facility across Cognitive Toolkit, PyTorch, […]


How to open KEY files on Windows

Keynote is the presentation software included with Apple’s office suite. The application is Apple’s alternative to MS PowerPoint. However, Windows doesn’t support Keynote’s KEY file format. Consequently, there is hardly any Windows software compatible with that format type. This doesn’t mean you can’t open Keynote presentations in Windows, but most users convert them to a […]


How to open PY files on PC

Python is an interpreted programming language that some programmers develop software with. PY is the file format for Python scripts. PY scripts can also have alternative file extensions, which include PYC, PYD and PWC. The scripts are text files, but you’ll need a Python interpreter to run a PY script in Windows. Open PY files […]

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Is the Path to Secure Elections Paved With Open Source Code?

Increased use of open source software could fortify U.S. election system security, according to former CIA head R. James Woolsey and Bash creator Brian J. Fox. The two made their case for open source elections software after security researchers demonstrated how easy it was to crack some election machines at the recent DefCon hacking conference […]

Onkyo HTS5800 Open Box 5.1 Home Theater System With Dolby Atmos – HT-S5800-BA

Onkyo HTS5800 Open Box 5.1 Home Theater System With Dolby Atmos – HT-S5800-BA We’ve also included Bluetooth technology so you can hear streamed audio with Onkyo’s legendary clarity and dynamism. Unleash tomorrow’s entertainment at home today! Read more on Onkyo HT-S9700THX 7.1-Channel Network A/V Receiver/Speaker Package with Dolby AtmosOne of Onkyo’s all-time bestsellers gets […]