Digital Autographs Should Not Last


Popularized early in early March by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs have been taking the internet by storm. The biggest problem with NFTs in the way content is purchased. The rules of NFT trade state that creators of auctioned content can make royalties from trades, but NFTs can legally be bought and … Read more

Big Changes for Nvidia GPU’s

Nvidia GPU

The graphics card market has been going through a number of changes in recent years are GPU’s are more in demand than ever before – much of this is large because of the cryptocurrency market as higher-end GPU’s are required to mine different cryptos, but a change is on the way to the market that … Read more

What does Will happen With Ethereum In 2021?


The COVID-19 pandemic has put business and our lives in disarray. The year 2020 has been bad for everybody, no doubt, but not for cryptocurrencies. For the first time, Bitcoin (BTC) broke records by surging past $47,000, while as of now, Ethereum (ETH) is trading past 4.5x its market value. Bitcoin made headlines this week … Read more

Technology is Transforming the Gambling World. Here’s How.


From Vegas to Monaco to Macau, many casinos build their reputations on the old-world charm—dressing up like dandies of a bygone era, stepping into the smoke-filled parlors of yesteryear and spinning roulette wheels or throwing dice according to rules that haven’t changed since there was an actual Queen of Hearts on the throne. Well, it … Read more

Centralized vs. decentralized – Exchanges demystified

exchange software

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage today. These currencies are perceived as generally secure, and in addition, it is impossible to counterfeit them. The general consensus among investors and industry analysts is that crypto will continue to evolve, eventually becoming the de-facto standard for trade the world over. Its security features and accessibility are two of … Read more

Bitmain Antminer D3 17.5GHs – Cryptocurrency Ethereum Dashcoin Miner


Bitmain Antminer D3 17.5GHs – Cryptocurrency Ethereum Dashcoin Miner Specification: 1.Hash Rate: Up to 17,500 GH/s (+/- 5%)2.Power Consumption: 1200W, 93% efficiency, 77°F ambient temp (at the wall using platinum rated PSU)3.Hashing Algorithm: X114.Working Temperature:0℃ to 40℃ Matters needing attention: 1. Chassis deformation or heat sink off, please do not electrify, contact after-sales treatment.2. Can … Read more