Big Changes for Nvidia GPU’s

Nvidia GPU

The graphics card market has been going through a number of changes in recent years are GPU’s are more in demand than ever before – much of this is large because of the cryptocurrency market as higher-end GPU’s are required to mine different cryptos, but a change is on the way to the market that could lead to a huge difference being made to the market and could change the way many views current GPU tech.

Nvidia GPU
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Nvidia had recently announced that some of the chips used in their GPU’s would be equipped with technology that would bottleneck and throttle performance if found to be used for mining the big cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which may lead to adjustments for many to seek out the cards that perform best and those that don’t. It has already been suggested that there will be a GPU developed for the sole purpose of crypto mining, which will certainly lead to further change.

It has become more important than before as a growing audience are turning to crypto as a way to make money and a way to diversify their income, as different forms of earning, have been made popular in many different forms, if you look here, for example, you’ll see some of the biggest online casinos not blocked by GameStop that even use crypto as a payment method.

With that being said, there has been a large strain on the GPU market the past few years because of this crypto mining, it has led to huge shortages in supply and the growth of a second-hand market for top-end GPU’s once newer and better options are released – it is also somewhat responsible for the huge increases in price that newer offerings find as some of the faster cards push into the thousands of dollars for a single unit, and what has kept the second-hand market price so high as well.

It may take some time for the change to come, whilst the announcing for the newer chips in chards like the 3060 is already in effect, and an initial shortage may be due to the miners buying up cards early, it does mean that a later restock should remain higher in quantity – this had been addressed directly by Nvidia too as they had suggested that they are in hopes this change means that all of the bots that buy in bulk on release would be scaled back due to the cards being less effective, but only time will tell just how much an impact this will have but does for many at least signal a response from the big tech companies that have allowed it to go on for so long.

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