State of Survival: Beginner’s Guide and Tips in Playing the Game on PC

State of Survival

Zombie survival is one of the most popular genres in the gaming industry these days. Typically, the main objective of the game is for the player to stay alive amidst an apocalyptic Zombie-infested world. There’s plenty of great titles in this genre that plays out more than just a survival game. That’s because many developers also add action, strategy, and role-playing mechanics in the mix.

One of such games is State of Survival which puts players in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. The goal is not just to survive and avoid getting infected, but it also involves building a safe base, rescuing other survivors, and researching for a cure as well. Players will also compete for dominance against other settlements that are built by players from different parts of the world.

While the main premise of the game is easy to follow, State of Survival however demands a lot of tasks for its players to accomplish. Beginners will find themselves quite overwhelmed at first glance. So, to help you gain an advantage at the beginning of your playthrough, here are some useful tips for you.

Building Your Settlement

Establishing an encampment is one of the major objectives in State of Survival. This is where you will spend most of your time, and it serves as a safe space against zombies and other players who would like to raid your thriving community. Aside from exploring trails in the outskirts of your wall, you will be here busting your chops building additional structures or installing upgrades on existing ones.

State of Survival
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Your settlement is not just a safe space for you and other survivors, but it should also be a thriving and breathing community. Each structure will have a certain purpose. There will be stations where you can train troops, yards to process lumber, and farms for producing valuable resources. Each building has to be upgraded from time to time so it can produce more and accommodate resources for your growing encampment.

Prioritize Upgrading Your Headquarters

The heart and soul of your settlement is the Headquarters (HQ). While you have to upgrade other structures from time to time, upgrading the HQ should be your priority. Your HQ will always have the highest level among all your other builds, and its level will dictate the maximum level that your other buildings could attain. Therefore, it makes sense to prioritize upgrading this one.

Prioritize Buildings That Produce Highly Valuable Resources

Aside from the HQ, the next most important structures in your settlement are buildings that produce resources. In the early stages of the game, you can only access the Farm and Lumber Yards. You don’t have to worry much about the others yet, such as the Furnace (unlocked when your HQ reaches level 10) and the Gas Tank (unlocks at level 15).

These buildings are your source of highly-valuable resources that your settlement needs throughout the game. You don’t have to spend real money in the game if you have these buildings. Focus on the Farm and Lumber Yards first, then get started with the Furnace and Gas Tank once they are unlocked.

Train Your Army as Early as Possible

Your settlement will need an army to fight off zombies and raids. So, aside from managing your builds, you will also need to get your troops on their feet. You can start training in the Barracks and Range buildings. Same with other structures, you can also upgrade these buildings to improve the strength and number of your army. Troops are not just for fighting, they can also be deployed to loot resources and claim additional territory for your settlement.

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Joining the World Map

The World Map is also known as the Wilderness Map in the State of Survival. On this map, you can partake in war games by attacking other camps. Much of the map is also a great space for scavenging basic resources. Just be careful, because the undead is also lurking in the corners!

Approaching and Attacking Enemy Camps

Now, let’s talk about attacking other players. Before you go around attacking camps, you must make sure that your army is fully equipped and strong enough to execute a raid. This means that you must have well-trained troops and good weapons at your disposal.

A common rookie mistake in State of Survival is that beginners would unknowingly attack a camp that is part of a strong alliance. If you do this, you would not stand a chance. So if you

are not yet sure how to approach an enemy camp, take a quick check first and make sure it is not part of any alliance that can vanquish you on the spot.

Play and Complete Missions

State of Survival’s Explorer Trail is a favorite feature among its players. This consists of story missions that play out like a typical adventure game. The main mission of your hero character is to go on a journey around the world to find a cure for the zombie virus.

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Your character will still fight off zombies throughout this mission. Don’t worry, the combat is not that difficult. When facing off zombies, your weapons will automatically shoot and stop when all the zombies are eliminated.

There are several hero characters in State of Survival, each varying in strengths and weaknesses and all with unique skills that allow you to craft different strategies for them. You will start with the hero Sarge, a ranged character that uses an automatic rifle to shoot zombies. He also has a unique ability to summon a powerful turret that eliminates a zombie that is unfortunate enough to cross its range.

How to Unlock More Heroes

There are ways to unlock more heroes in the game. You can get a variety of heroes by completing quests, through the gacha system, or by simply advancing through story missions. Playing with different and stronger heroes will drastically change your gameplay experience. Trying out all the heroes on State of Survival should be one of your goals.

The State of Survival breaks the stereotype of zombie action games because it merges simulation with survival gameplay. If you are fond of both zombie games and RPGs, this would be a great game for you to try out!

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