Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – The Best Android Smartphone for 2017

samsung galaxy note 8The Galaxy Note series from Samsung may have started the phablet (big phones) revolution. However, the Note 8 is sure rubberstamping the solid, rave reviews and top-dog recommendations the series has received since inception. On the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung has done a great job to reduce the bezel size, to give users an immense 6.3” OLED screen that makes accessing NetBet on the device such delightful experience.

The gadget has a dual camera complete with the distinctive Live Focus feature from Samsung, numerous stylus tricks and easily is the most feature-filled Android phone you can hope to get your hands on. It has a splendidly slim design and a battery life that seems to go on for eternity. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is water resistant, carries an expandable storage and, it presents users with a fun and unique way of creating GIFs.

In addition, its S Pen Stylus is the most efficient. In this phone, Samsung has bequeathed users with the easiest way to do both mundane and day-to-day tasks such as doing multiple restaurant orders on its lock screen, taking depth-effect images of memorable functions as well as technical activities such as creating cute animated GIFs.

Also, the Note 8 comes with:

  • Eight-point safety check for the battery.
  • UL certification and endorsement
  • Reduced battery capacity and size.

It, however, is on the pricier side of gadgets probably because of the many features it has. That notwithstanding, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is at the helm as the unrivaled Android big phone; at least for now!


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