Reasons Why Angular is Popular in Modern Application Development

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Quick Summary: With the Angular development concepts along with its sharper learning curve, the framework can put off new developers. It is a good alternative for those business units with larger teams and developers who still use TypeScript. Angular is worth considering by most of the major organizations globally in order to create robust and sophisticated apps. In this blog, we’re going to discuss some of the popular reasons to choose Angular for modern application development.
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1. Introduction
2. Why is Angular Framework Popular in Modern Application Development? Efficient Two-way data binding Dependency Injection Modularity High Speed & Optimum Performance Seamless support of Angular
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Angular is a web development platform that is used for building robust web apps and single-page applications. It helps in uniting dependency injection, declarative template, and integrating the top performance to resolve the challenges that developers are facing.

Angular is purely written in JavaScript and provides a high level of abstraction to make the development process simple and easy. The developers are authorized by Angular to build robust apps that can run on both mobile and web. It was intended to decouple an applications’ logic from DOM manipulation, and aimed at dynamic page updates.

Officially Angular was released by Google Engineers back in the year 2010 to turn HTML-based documents into dynamic content. The Angular web development framework is capable of handling DOM, AJAX glues code and binding them together in a well-defined structure with the latest development trends prevailing in the competitive market.

Angular offers fewer obstacles such as ECMAScript 6 that provide new syntax and make the entire development process smooth by structurally writing code. With this, the code’s crispness and clarity are improvised. Moreover, feel free to go through some Angular development best practices while using the Angular framework.

Here in this blog post, we’re discussing the reasons behind the popularity of Angular development in building modern applications.

Why is Angular Framework Popular in Modern Application Development?

1. Efficient Two-way data binding

Angular provides a two-way data binding process that helps in replicating all changes in the template quickly and intuitively. Binding any UIs to JavaScript templates was a great idea. Angular developers can create dynamic front-end applications quickly even though two-way data binding may trigger performance problems when used beyond a limit.

2. Dependency Injection

Angular enabled Dependency injection which was popular in the front-end development technology. As we all know, dependency injection was quite famous in the field of business applications and that is the reason why JavaScript did not catch up. It proved to be quite useful though and enabled easily for those who have not used it so often in the past.

3. Modularity

The code written in Angular is stored into buckets in the form of pipes, components, directives, or services. These buckets are known as modules according to Angular app development. Modules make things simple for the organization including splitting the code into functions, code application, and reusable chunks. Modules also support lazy loading that assists for background or on-demand application features to load.

4. High Speed & Optimum Performance

For every application, speed and performance are the two main factors that should be available whether it is a web application, mobile application, or single-page website. Angular is the best option for high speed and optimum performance that redefines the modern JavaScript Virtual machine by turning templates into code. It also helps your Angular code to leverage on a productive framework and render the code into HTML and CSS.

5. Seamless support of Angular

Angular was invented in the year 2010 which is developed and supported by none other than Google every six months with timely updates. According to a report generated by Medium, many top and giant organizations like Telegram, Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, etc. utilize the Angular platform.

Wrapping Up

Angular app development offers countless benefits and features in the modern technological era. Developing a user-friendly and robust mobile and web application using the Angular framework helps the customers to start monetizing. The overall popularity of Angular includes faster development time, excellent user interface, adaptability to technological advancements, time-saving, follows the MVC architecture (Model View Controller) architecture, and much more.

In the fastest-growing dynamic market, you’ll be required to search for the best Angular app development company for building dynamic web and mobile applications which offer expertise and experience in Angular.

Here we discussed the main reasons why Angular is so popular in modern application development and what are the features offered by the Angular framework for creating amazing single-page applications SPAs and web and mobile apps. Do you think we’ve missed any important reasons which should be mentioned? If so, then do let us know in the comment section given below!

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