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The world has become extremely hectic. As a result, we don’t have the opportunity to address our thoughts and ideas with even our closest friends. People have grown deafeningly quiet, scrolling through their phones but never spending time to express their thoughts and feelings.

As a result, social media has evolved to include technology that allows your voice to be heard throughout the world.

Welcome to the Clubhouse!

It is so simple, new, and fresh.

Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth, two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, developed a ground-breaking invitation-only social media, voice chatting app. In contrast to certain other new apps that lose their luster in few months. Clubhouse stands out on the creative concept of using voice chat to make it alive and succeed. In effect of that, it surpassed millions of downloads in a week.

Speak out, listen up, and rejoice!

The application allows you to speak or listen to a discussion on a given topic, similar to engaging in a conference call on an enlightening subject.

Yes, you can find rooms on specific topics where people interact in a spectrum of subjects, ranges from the most engaging to the least intriguing. Now, join a room as a speaker or listener, or possibly even start your room.

Why has clubhouse grown in popularity?

The app got released in March 2020, along with covid. Although, it was initially exclusively available only to Apple users. In May 2021, it also extended its service to Android customers.

Before we hang out to know more about the clubhouse, you need to understand, why clubhouse is so widely mentioned?

Club House is a social media phenomenon right now.

It also drew the celebrity. Rather than tweets, blogs, or formal interviews, Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and a lot more came for a real-time conversation. Surprisingly, the app’s popularity is being boosted by a slew of celebrities. You may now conveniently converse with celebrities or public figures on this platform.

Aside from keeping the celebrity influence, there are other reasons why clubhouse has become more significant than other apps.

What role does clubhouse play in the growth of your brand?

Previously, we used graphic images or text content to communicate with people, users, or customers. However, today the clubhouse connects them through personal interaction.

The app is unique in that it emphasizes social audio chatting. It doesn’t include any video, photographs, or text. Despite this, it helps to exchange opinions to develop a new understanding of the niche.

  • The discussions in the chatroom (Clubs) on subjects you are interested in feel more intimate and engaging.
  • You can able to create an opportunity to get closer to the industry or niche you are involved.
  • It is an excellent place for aspiring entrepreneurs who prefer exhibiting their products or ideas.
  • You don’t need to comprehend algorithms to connect to people, unlike many other apps.
  • It could allow many more people with similar interests to connect.
  • You can have complete control over the show. Hence, launch a room, assign any moderators, invite people to speak, and begin to debate.
  • If you’re running a company, a start-up, or an organization, it can support you with digital marketing strategy and campaign.
  • It leads to the creation of a loyal community of your niche and develops trust for your brand.
  • As because it is audio, you can plug in your earphones and multitask.
  • As a listener, you may enable contribute opinions and enhance your critical thinking.
  • The app does not accept any other links. You could only link your social media applications like Twitter and Instagram. As an outcome, the chances of people visiting your linked social profiles substantially increases.
  • Take into account that you should optimize your profile to serve the benefits.

What could you ask more than this? Keep up with the latest social media craze!

How can I join the clubhouse?

You will need an invite from a buddy who knows your phone number because it’s an invitation-only app. An individual gets two invitations to assist others to step in. Certain spammy websites share invite links that could be harmful to you, so be cautious.

  • To set up your clubhouse account!
  • Accept the invitation, download the app, and sign up with your phone number.
  • Create a user name and a profile picture for yourself.
  • Further to that, it suggests a list of persons or friends you can follow or skip.
  • Then choose the topics that pique your interest.
  • Similar to other social media sites. It also requires a bio to introduce yourself to visitors who visit your profile.
  • To connect, even more, link your social media accounts.
  • Never forget to verify your email address. It would be advantageous to begin your club later.
  • You may now find rooms featuring discussions on various topics by scrolling down the homepage.
  • To go as a listener, tap the Hand rises button to go on stage as a speaker or opt to leave silently.
  • Now, you can start a discussion room to interact with a bigger audience.
  • Follow any club if you are interested in their topics.
  • Touch the notification button on the user profile to be notified when that user gets scheduled to speak.
  • The best aspect is that the chat in the room will not be recorded and will get erased once the creator deletes the room.

Hope you had a gist about the clubhouse. Happy clubbing!

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