New Airpods review; Is Apple even trying?

apple airpods
Apple AirPods

Apple’s original Airpods were one of the first truly wireless earbuds on the market. True wireless meaning that they are not even physically connected to each other by a wire and we actually loved them when they came out in fact I think it is fair to say that in spite of the tidal wave of wireless earbuds that have hit the market in the last couple of years they still hold up pretty well and according to Apple at least their customers agree because they are still the most popular wireless earbuds on the market and you can easily buy this earbuds online using Paytm Mall Coupons at discounted prices.

So with all of that in mind, I am even more ready than I was last time to be blown away by the greatest expensive thing from Apple, the Airpods 2 or the new Airpods.

These looks the same and you won’t be able to show everybody how loaded you really are. Yes, my friends you heard it right the Airpods 2 or just the New Airpods look exactly the same as the first generation Airpods which for once I can kind of get behind, to be honest. This new version is an extremely incremental upgrade over the original with only a few small changes under the hood and in fact, the only real game-changing upgrade is an optional accessory, a wireless charging case which will really come in handy soon when Apple launches their hotly anticipated air power charging.

What’s inside?

We will look a little closer at the case later. For now the new Airpods have the same size, same battery, same five hour battery life for listening to audio, the same programmable double tap gesture and the same respectable if unexceptional audio quality on the inside however they are powered by Apple’s new h one chip rather than the w one in the old model and this brings us a few key improvements.

Battery life for calls has increased from two to three hours on a single charge. Switching between devices is faster by a second or two, you can say hey Siri now instead of mapping it to a double tap gesture and finally audio latency has apparently reduced by 30 percent though frankly was not noticeable.

Is it worth it?

So if you love the original Airpods, you are going to love these too. Grab your hard earned money or better yet take your Apple-branded titanium credit card and go buy a pair but there is actually a problem here. A lot of people did not love the original and Apple has done absolutely nothing to help them out. Here is the thing, human ears are actually really different from each other and some people just cannot get Airpods to stay in place. Now the majority of expensive earphones use a well-established industry standard solution to this problem. They provide a selection of flexible ear tips in a variety of sizes so that you can choose the one or ones because people are not entirely symmetrical that best fit their ears.

Some earbuds also have some sort of adjustable mechanism securing them in a place like google pixel buds and this is more important than you might think. A good seal with your ear not only keeps you from dropping your left pod down a storm drain and ruining your day but it also has a profound impact on the listening experience. This is part of the reason that you might see widely varying reports of the audio quality of the Airpods. So if you are one of the chosen few with small symmetrical ears, you get to enjoy the Air pods and the new Air pods but if that is not the case one will fall out and all you will be left with is a single Air pod. As a reminder of how much of weird asymmetrical fruit. Moreover there are variety of options available in market in this price and one can easily buy them using Shopclues Sale with great deals .

Are the new ones better?

With so many solutions to this problem already on the market it is a little disappointing to see Apple change nothing about the way Air pods sit in your ear knowing them I am sure they  could have engineered a marvellous spectacular magical slightly more grippy material for the pod itself or included optional ear hook accessories in the box but no. you can buy third-party attachments for cheap but those won’t fit inside your charging case making them yet another thing to lose all the time and even worse kind of make your real Air pods look like a cheap knockoff.

Kind of defeats the whole point of buying Air pods. More irritating to me is that they did not add any new gestures. Well, you can still customize double taps on the right and left Air pods to activate Siri, play and pause or skip tracks or to tell Siri that the volume is too high without touching the phone. So basically it is just the same.

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