Microsoft’s Chrome-Based Edge Browser Comes to Preview Next Week



Microsoft is putting the finishing touches to the preview of its Chrome-based Edge browser and the results should be available next week. The company is expected to launch the preview to Windows Insiders alongside the full wide release of Windows 10 April 2019 Update. However, no official release of either has been announced.

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Edge on Chromium will allow Microsoft’s browser to have the versatility of Google’s Chrome and also its feature set. It is a two-way street too, with Microsoft now able to contribute features that could be implemented by Google in Chrome. The result should be an improved browsing experience, making looking for a bonus offer from Golden Nugget casino faster, more efficient, and easier on Edge.

Back in December, Microsoft announced it is abandoning its own EdgeHTML web rendering technology and moving Edge to Chromium. If you are unfamiliar with Chromium, it is Google’s rendering solution that underpins its own Chrome browser but is open for other companies to use.

By basing its browser on Chromium, Microsoft will be able to overcome a major hurdle Edge has faced… addons. While Edge extensions are a thing, the browser’s limited market presence has meant many developers have stayed away. Chrome on the other hand has close to 300,000 web extensions, which will all be available on Edge once the Chromium-based browser is launched.

Feature parity is another thing Microsoft is seeking by moving to Chromium. Because the rendering tech is open source, all its features are available to anyone building on it. That means any feature that is available on Chrome is also available on Chromium and hence can be used in Edge. Microsoft has argued Edge is as well-featured as Chrome, especially in terms of security, but now both browsers can boast the same abilities if wanted.

As for when Chrome-based Edge will arrive, Microsoft has been keeping quiet and the browser remains TBD. However, the company did drop some files into a recent Windows Insider Skip Ahead branch preview, suggesting some movement.

Windows 10 April 2019 Update rolls out next week and we expect Microsoft to also launch Chromium Edge in preview. It is worth remembering the browser will only be available to Insiders at first and will unlikely reach all Windows 10 users until later in the year or maybe even early in 2020.

Debuting the Chrome-based Edge preview now will be nice timing as Edge is currently experiencing much-needed market growth. Netmarketshare recently released its newest quarterly tech report, showing Edge has increased its market share to 5.20%.

While this is a move in the right direction, Microsoft knows there is plenty of work to do. Indeed, Google Chrome still dominates the browser sector with 67.88% of the market, while Firefox is in second place with 9.27%. Interestingly, Microsoft’s own legacy browser, Internet Explorer still holds 7.34% of the market.

As millions of users transition to Windows 10 this year as Microsoft ends Windows 7 support, an influx of new modern browser users will be created. Chrome remains in pole position to take those users, but Microsoft hopes Edge can now be a viable alternative.

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