“Rats! WebGL hit a snag” Google Chrome error


Some Google Chrome users have encountered a “Rats! WebGL hit a snag” error message when opening certain website pages. That’s an error message that usually appears on JavaScript heavy websites. A yellow bar with Reload and Ignore buttons usually includes the error message. Then reloading the page doesn’t always fix the issue. As the error […]

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Firefox’s blazing speed with huge numbers of tabs leaves Chrome in the dust

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As you may be aware, Chrome has something of a reputation for being a resource hog, and rival Firefox is aiming to hit Google’s browser in this potential Achilles heel with news that it has hugely streamlined memory usage when lots of tabs are open.

And we mean lots of tabs. As Mozilla developer Dietrich Ayala explains, he did some testing with Firefox having 1,691 tabs open – yes, 1,691 – and found that while the current version of the browser (54) was very sluggish to start up and used a lot of system memory (unsurprisingly), Firefox 55 (currently in beta testing) and 56 make massive strides on both these fronts.

According to Ayala’s benc…
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Is Chrome OS right for you? A 3-question quiz to find out

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Google’s Chrome OS is one of the world’s most misunderstood computing platforms. Chromebooks are foundationally different from traditional PCs, after all — and consequently, there are a lot of misconceptions about how they work and what they can and cannot do.

Since people are always asking me whether a Chromebook might be right for their needs, I thought I’d put together a quick guide to help any such wonderers figure it out. Whether it’s you or someone you know who’s curious, the following three questions should help shed some light on what the platform’s all about and for whom it makes sense.

1. Do you spend most of your time using the we…
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Google needs to build a Chrome tablet


Developers needs the right tool to get their products ready for the future of computing, and Google is the company that needs to build it.

Many people reading this will have paid at least a passing interest to Apple’s WWDC 2017 announcements. Among all the hyperbole and salesmanship in the keynote address there was one thing that became clear: the iPad is closer than ev…
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Google plans to block ads in Chrome by next year


Ads are critical to any site. Many sites stay alive on ad revenue, so keeping ads on for sites you like is a great way to support the site. However, but they can also be annoying or just plain malicious.

Google knows this and joined the Coalition for Better Ads, which is a group dedicated to improving the advertising experience. The company has also announced new initiatives that are sure to impact the internet as we know it.

Ad Experience Reports explain annoying ads to offending sites using the “Better Ad Standards.” This way, sites can fix the ad situation easier when they know what exactly is wrong.

On the other hand, Google is also introducing &#8220…
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