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One of the most challenging aspects to being an online marketer is getting people to trust your brand – especially if you are an e-Comm company. If someone is going to make a purchase from a DTC (Direct to Consumer) website, then they will nearly always need several reassurances. This is where marketing gadgets and software come into play.

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DTC companies are growing rapidly and generally use social commerce marketing strategies to gain traffic to their websites. They are generally independent of any high street store which makes it much harder to gain consumer confidence when they startup. High-street stores have a much easier time gaining trust simply because they have a physical location.

Therefore, DTCs rely on influencers within the social commerce sphere to gain a solid reputation while also delivering sublime customer service and value.

Live Chat Vs Chatbots

One way to reassure consumers is by giving them access to your support team. Skype, Live Chats, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter are just some of the gadgets available. This does bring up one issue. What about out-of-hours sales?

If you are targeting your own domestic market, you will need to make sure your live chat has agents available during peak hours. Even doing this still leaves some downtime. This is where chatbots come into the picture.

Companies create chatbot windows to replace their live chat during out-of-hours. It is an artificial intelligent gadget that is effectively an automatic FAQ. Rather than having to read FAQ questions, the chatbox auto-detects strings of keywords asked by a potential customer and delivers the answer to them.

The chatbot also records every question asked and stores them in a database. This means every day the chatbot can evolve. You can see the answers given and then decide whether you can improve the answer given to be more relevant to the question.

In the end, the chatbox can answer most questions a live chat support agent can answer. Although much more robotic than a real person, people still get an answer to their important questions, and they also know that there is a live chat available.

VoIP Software Support

Call centers are becoming much cheaper to operate these days. With VoIP software, companies can link their entire support workforce remotely. Companies can now offer call-back services, telephone support, and telephone sales for a firm that is entirely online-based using e-comm sales strategies. That means all the employees work remotely.

For example, let’s say you want to hire a support agent that speaks perfect English or perfect German. You can hire that person, train them remotely, have someone monitor their calls for training purposes and offer feedback, and pay them a salary no matter what that person’s location is.

All you need to do is direct them on how to install the VoIP software your firm is using. From this point onwards, they have an extension number, log-on hours, access to files on a cloud, and the ability to transfer people for support escalation.

There are huge cost-saving hiring people that work from home because they do not need to travel saving them people on average of 1.5 hours of traveling per day and those individuals also save on travel costs. On top of this, your business saves on office space, equipment, and even facilities costs as each employee uses water, electricity, tissue, soap, and stationery.

Those cost savings can be used to develop trust marketing strategies for the brand. Plus, the fact that hiring a remote telephone/live chat support team is already part of that strategy.

Social Commerce Marketing Gadgets

Social commerce marketing uses influencers that are a form of pull marketing. The social commerce experts go out there and pull in customers for your brand by creating content, reviews, and testimonials from real consumers. This means the e-comm can use others to build trust.

There are tons of tools out there that allow you to connect with influencers within your niche. As long as your commission rates are attractive, then your business should foster sales. These people use Twitter, Facebook, and even email marketing software to spread the word about your brand.

eComm Platforms

Using the right e-comm platform is critical to success. You need marketing tools that allow you to create discounts, promotions, bundles, and branding.

This gives you the ability to offer first-time customers the chance to test-run what you have to offer. For example, maybe your firm gives away free samples or free trials to attract new customers. You may also offer discounts for people that abandoned carts or visit a certain item and look at pictures on more than one occasion or offer second purchase offers.

Having the right promo tools available on your e-comm system is important so you can divide customers into groups for different offers. Furthermore, your e-comm system should also give you the ability to use analytics, offer similar products to customers, and categorize alike items. For instance, someone who may buy a tennis racket from a sports store could be interested in a bundle deal for tennis balls or grips.

The best way to make sure you get a professionally designed e-comm website is by hiring a firm that specializes in ecommerce solutions and gadgets.

How to Strategize Building Brand Trust For e-comm Platforms?

Most of the time e-comm companies are restricted by budgets. Different brand image-building gadgets can be costly but you can offset them versus more affordable options like social commerce which is free until a sale is made, then you pay the affiliate commission.

Live chat support staff need training and motivation, and they will need a full-time wage. That said, it also depends on how technical support needs to be. Most of the time, you can use scripts and give your support staff FAQs that will help them answer people’s questions online. There are also support services out there that you can use such as ZenDesk where you can hire support personnel for your business.

E-comm platforms, social media marketing to build brand trust, and other software gadget solutions all come with varying costs. The best way to begin is to start with the most ambitious and costly plan to create the perfect brand-building strategy, then scale down from here until you find a solution that fits your budget.

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