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The Micro Focus Global Quality Report highlights a significant upcoming trend: the paramount importance of enhancing the skills and service levels of Test Automation Outsourcing specialists. It is rational to place emphasis on refining testing algorithms and acquiring proficiency in new tools and techniques. Staying abreast of evolving trends and market demands necessitates a continuous commitment to innovation and learning.

Finding a suitable contractor for the intricate testing of your IT solution can be challenging, given the multitude of companies offering diverse services. To aid you in this quest, we’ve identified seven crucial factors based on which you can identify the ideal contractor to enhance your IT product.

How to Choose the Best Automation Testing Services

7 essential criteria to select an Automation Testing Service provider:

1. Tested Platforms and Devices 

Automation testing companies typically offer a comprehensive range of services covering popular platforms and devices. The testing methods often involve two main approaches: utilizing a virtual working environment (emulating the necessary OS or device) and employing cloud services. The latter is favored for its ability to connect numerous physical devices, utilize specific machine resources, test code under diverse conditions, assess interfaces across various resolutions and shells, efficiently eliminate common bugs, and pinpoint specific errors and malfunctions. Opting for companies using the cloud as a test environment is recommended for enhanced testing capabilities.

2. Communication and Adaptability

Effective testing of an IT solution and its development necessitates constant communication among project participants. Maintaining communication throughout all project stages is vital, ideally through tools like Jira or other collaboration platforms, providing 24/7 reporting. When selecting a contractor, evaluate their ability to establish communication channels, ensuring direct contact with both the team leader and individual members. This facilitates swift responses to reports, bug fixes, and discussions on project progress. Our team is accustomed to seamless collaboration with developers and clients, ensuring availability for communication almost around the clock.

3. Flexible Collaboration Model

Leading automation testing companies typically offer two primary collaboration models:

  • Dedicated Team: This preferred model involves team members working on the project from its inception, fostering a strong sense of involvement and accountability for quality. A dedicated team often includes a project-specific team leader who enhances organizational efficiency.
  • Integration of Experts: Another model involves integrating external specialists into an existing team. While cost-effective, this approach may require time for performers to adapt to an unfamiliar environment, potentially impacting integration speed and quality. The choice between the two models depends on project requirements and budget considerations. We offer flexibility to collaborate based on your preference, ensuring optimal quality for your IT solution.

4. Adaptability in Project Conditions

In the dynamic realm of software development, where Agile, Scrum, and Test DevOps methodologies reign supreme, the adaptability of all project participants, especially Test Automation Outsourcing Specialists, is paramount. The ability to seamlessly adjust to evolving conditions, accommodate new functionalities, and meet deadlines swiftly directly influences how quickly a product can transition from the Alpha stage to market readiness. Choosing a contractor hinges on their willingness and capability to adapt to your project’s unique needs. At our company, we recognize the significance of aligning with client requirements, understanding the risks associated with project stagnation, and are committed to embracing changes and amendments regardless of the project stage. We don’t wait for the next sprint to alter the testing direction – we pivot on demand.

5. Experience and Portfolio Showcase

When selecting a contractor, emphasis is rightly placed on their experience in similar industries and projects. Practical skills and completed developments serve as tangible indicators of a QA department’s proficiency and work quality. Assessing a prospective contractor’s long-term relationships with other companies provides insights into their expertise and market reputation. A reliable test automation company should present a portfolio featuring case studies, detailing testing experiences, encountered problems, and innovative solutions. Exploring their blog content can shed light on crucial topics within their domain, showcasing various methods, tools, and service approaches. To validate our expertise, feel free to contact our regular customers, including Keepgo, Tele2, Blubolt, {web}mdt, Wirecard, and Trivago. Their firsthand experiences will offer genuine insights into our collaboration and the problems we effectively resolved to enhance the quality of their IT solutions.

6. Team Scalability for Unforeseen Expansions

In the ever-changing landscape of development, unexpected expansions in functionality or project scope can occur. It becomes critical to have a reserve of skilled performers who can swiftly integrate into the process to fill personnel gaps. Unfortunately, many Automation Testing Service providers allocate resources across multiple projects, leaving no available experts for unforeseen circumstances. In situations where specialists are scarce, clients are often compelled to hire freelancers or third-party contractors, adversely affecting costs and project timelines. Therefore, negotiating with performers about building a reserve or slightly overstaffing from the outset is crucial.

At our company, we anticipate potential challenges and stand ready to expand the team at any moment. The outsourcing cooperation model allows for almost instant distribution of experts across projects, facilitating rapid integration and adaptation to the developed IT solution.

7. Continuous Skills Development and Embracing Modern Methodologies

The rapid evolution of the IT world renders technologies obsolete within a short span of 5-6 years. In this fast-paced race for innovation, all participants in software development must quickly adapt to new realities. Steering clear of companies using outdated tools is crucial. While solutions like Selenium or Appium remain relevant, staying abreast of modern successors is imperative.

QA experts who embrace change and stay current with trends strive to learn all relevant platforms and products, providing clients with best practices and enhancing testing quality. Opting for a progressive company committed to continuous employee skill development ensures a commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

Our experts consistently stay ahead of trends, adopting modern techniques, and studying new tools. Our goal is not just technical implementation but also to support projects early on, ensuring the highest quality of IT solutions and an enhanced user experience. This commitment, coupled with technical proficiency, contributes to improved conversion rates and increased customer loyalty.


In summary, the ultimate quality of IT solutions and the caliber of Automation Testing services are intrinsically tied to the experience and contemporary approach of the automation company. Partnering with a trusted ally ensures the incorporation of best practices, resulting in a nearly flawless IT product that not only attracts new customers but also boosts conversion rates. Choose your partner wisely for a journey towards excellence in software development and quality assurance.

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