Chatbots and the Human Touch: Balancing Automation in Conversational Marketing

Automation in Conversational Marketing

The intersection of automation and human interaction forms the crux of conversational marketing. By blending artificial intelligence-driven chatbots with human agents with nuanced understandings of each other, conversational marketing is reshaping the way businesses engage their customers. This in-depth look at the balance between automation and human interaction in conversational …

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) trends in the financial services


RPA seems to be a type of automated technology that enables a customer to program a computer robot to collect and reproduce people’s behaviors in current processes including payments, data processing, database storing or upgrading, initiating replies, and interacting with some other computer systems. The RPA explosion in finance could …

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Scripting Boot Camp Added to First-ever CMD-D|Masters of Automation Conf

Software Apps

Sal Soghoian today announced an exciting Scripting Boot Camp taught by the legendary gentleman, Ray Robertson, the day before CMD-D|Masters of Automation Conference. Designed for those new to automation, CMD-D Scripting Boot Camp features a full day of hands-on instruction on AppleScript and scripting on the macOS. Attendees gain an …

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