How to Unlock the LG G6 Smartphone

Unlock the LG G6



LG launched one of its best creations, LG G6, in March 2017. LG G6 is a versatile smartphone with many interesting features.

It has HD dual- camera, Quad-core processor, a big IPS LCD touchscreen, operating system running on android v7.0 and it has much more for you to experience.

If you bought your phone with any particular carrier most probably it is locked with that carrier. But to enjoy all these features with your favorite carrier you need to unlock LG G6 first. After unlocking your phone, you can enjoy any GSM SIM card, including, Rogers, Koodo, Vodafone, AT&T, and many others. Other benefits include to not pay high fees monthly or using your carrier internationally.

The procedure will give you a guideline about all the instructions you will be need to unlock LG G6 phone.

You will go throw step-to-step procedure to unlock LG G6 phone, so, let’s get started:

Find an unlock code provider: You might have got an SIM unlock code from the carrier if you have bought your phone from a standard retail.

But if you do not have any unlock code, there is another option, you can visit 3rd party websites like or, and these two sites have built much reliance through the good response of their clients.

Place your order: You can visit and simply order your code from one of the sites. Go to homepage, select your phone model as LG G6, and simply click on “Unlock now”. You will get a form to fill, fill it and you will get your code in a short time. You should provide a valid email address because this is where you get your code.

Enter the SIM unlock code: Remove your carrier SIM card tray and now add SIM card from different carrier. After your LG G6 powers on, you will get a message to enter the unlock code, enter it in the pop-up-box and press Unlock.

You will receive a note: If you have followed the instructions correctly, you will get a note popping-up on your phone saying, “Network unlock successful.”

Just follow these easy instructions and you can enjoy using your phone.


Let’s discuss a few more methods to unlock LG G6:

Free Method: Follow below mentioned simple steps and you will get it done:

  • Reach your customer service line from where you bought the phone outright.
  • Ask for LG G6 SIM unlock code.
  • Give your IMEI number to the customer servicer person.
  • Provide a valid email address and you will get your mail in a short time.
  • Remove your SIM card and put another carrier.
  • Reboot, you will get a note, enter the code, and now you can use you your LG G6 phone on any GSM network!

Paid Method: You will just have to pay few bucks to the 3rd party code provider, here are simple steps you can follow:

  • Visit 3rd party websites, mentioned above or any other you know.
  • Select your device on homepage and enter your IMIE number.
  • Fill the form.
  • You will get the email in few hours.
  • Exchange SIMS; remove yours and put another.
  • If prompted, enter the provided SIM unlock code in your LG G6 and you are done.


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