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SEO stands for search engine optimization allows you to rank your website organically in the search results. More than 130 trillion pages are indexed on Google and the number is increasing day by day competition is tough therefore google has set some standards if you want to rank on it and these set of standards are called SEO.

Today we will have a detailed look at how to optimize our websites for search engines and google perfectly. Here are the top 10 tips that you have to follow if you want to get indexed and rank on Google.

  • Google Updates
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Writing
  • On-Page SEO
  • Backlinks
  • Technical SEO
  • Try Bing
  • Try Yahoo
  • Google Search Console
  • Competitor Analysis

Google Updates

With the passage of every single day, google is becoming more and more perfect by reducing the spam on its network. Google releases plenty of updates each year and following these updates is not only better for you but also your website.

Some of the updates released by google are panda, penguin, Humming Bird, Rank Math, Medic, Bert, and others.

For example, the Panda algorithm of  Google comes into action to reduce the plagiarized content on the website. It bounds the authors to write the unique and right content that can benefit the user and not the business.

The penguin algorithm tells us to make quality backlinks. Similarly, there is an algorithm for every standard. Google only allows websites on its search engines that can benefit the user and not the business. Therefore with time, it is becoming more and more perfect and you have to follow these updates if you want to work on Google.

Keyword Research

The Keyword is the query that the users search on the web, and not following these keywords will not rank your website in Google or other search engines.

Also here, Google has set some standards and you have to follow these standards if you want to rank your website organically in the results.

By following the Google algorithm keywords below 30% are easier to rank, keywords with competition less than or equal to 50% are medium-range keywords while the keywords above the competition 50% are harder to rank and can take more than 6 months to 1 year to rank.

Therefore, if your business is at the initial stages then you should perform the exact and perfect keyword research. You should target the keywords with competition less than 30% as they are easier to rank, and as your DA PA keeps on increasing then you should move towards the difficult keywords, it is the best strategy if you want to rank your website on Google in a short period time and grow your business.

Content Writing

No doubt that content is king. This fact holds for all search engines regardless of whether the video search engine or a business search engine like Fiverr or an image search engine like Pexels.

Every year Google updates its algorithms and by following these algorithms you can’t upload plagiarism-free content on search engines, especially Google.

If you want to rank your website on Google then unique, SEO-friendly, well-researched, and plagiarism-free content should be your priority. The Panda algorithm of Google bounds the websites to only write unique and plagiarism-free content. And plagiarism, spin, and content using paraphrasing have no space on Google.

If you are following these pretty little tips then you can rank your website on Google on your own without acquiring the help of any Woocommerce Development Agency for E-Commerce or WordPress Development Agency for Business or Blogging.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the third most important factor that you have to take care of while optimizing your websites for google or any other search engines. In the past On-Page SEO holds only 30% of the score while off-page SEO (backlinks) save 70% of the score.

However, Google has updated its algorithm and now On-Page SEO holds 70% of the score while Off-Page SEO holds only 30% of the score.

Therefore it is the best tip for Bloggers or Ecommerce businessmen that if you want to rank your website in Google in 2022 then you have to optimize your content and on-page SEO instead of making the backlinks in a high number.


In the most recent times, Google has updated its algorithm and now backlinks hold pretty little value. However, backlinks are still a pillar of your website. Backlinks act as a support to your website and rank your website higher and higher in the search results.

1 backlink act as a pillar to your website and the higher the number of backlinks to your website the more will be its DA and PA. You have to take care that you have to make the backlinks by following the google algorithm.

1 do-follow backlink from the DA PA of the high authority site is better than the 10 backlinks from the websites with the poor backlinks profile, high spam score, and low DA PA.

Therefore, backlinks also hold some value if you want to rank your website organically in the search results in 2022.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO also counts a lot on Google. Technical SEO focus on the technical aspects of a website such as speed optimization, URL optimization, Broken Pages, Error 404 Pages, Mobile optimization, sitemap submission, and others like

Your website should be fit from the technical point of view and optimized for the search engines in terms of being easily rankable, crawlable, indexable, and searchable.

There are plenty of tools to check the on-page SEO of a website like Google Page Speed Insights, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and google lighthouse.

Try Bing

Bing is also the best option if you are unable to rank your website on Google in the United States and Canada. Bing is best to try and in comparison with Google, the websites on Bing are easier to rank.

Bing does not demand do-follow or no-follow backlinks. All the links on Bing hold the same authority. Bing also does not demands the best and best content and the competition for the keywords is also not higher on Bing in comparison with Google.

Therefore, in 2022 Bing is a better option if you are unable to rank your website in the USA.

Try Yahoo

Yahoo is the best search engine to try in 2022 and is the 9th most visited website on the web. The content optimization and relevance search engine generates 45,000 versions of the modules every 5 minutes and chooses the best one to display by following gender and age.

In comparison with Google, which prefers quality content over well-established links and pages Yahoo prefers old and well-established websites therefore if your website is old then Yahoo will prefer first over the trending and new websites.

Well-established websites perform better than Google in comparison with Google which only prefers Quality Websites.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console also known as the GSA allows you to submit your websites to search engines. Google Search Console is a great tool of Google that tells us wide aspects of a website such as crawlability issues, crawlability status, indexing issues, indexing status, technical SEO issues, speed optimization, and other like factors and is the best tool of Google if you want to submit your websites to the search engines to rank and index it. It also tells the current ranking status of a website and tells the current ranking of a website and other stats.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis is an additional tip that allows us to analyze our competitors and make a decision based on it. Competitor analysis tells us a wide thing about our competitors such as targeting keywords, backlinks, on-page SEO, content, and other factors, and is the best way to get started and to spy on the competitors regarding what they are currently doing and the strategy they are working on.


No doubt the article above is the best guide on how to rank your website organically in the search results. The article lists all the factors that are essential for a website to rank in 2022 and is the best-ever SEO guide to beat the competitor and stay ahead of your competitors on Google and other search engines.

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