How to move from Waterfall to Agile Software Development- 5 Helpful Tips

Agile Software Development

Smart devices and applications have now made software development a very simple approach. Waterfall practices are very tried and tested approaches for many quality assurance teams. These teams are now trying to change them into agile testing methods that can speed up the whole process while retaining the quality at the top. 

What is the Waterfall Software development?

This is a more traditional process or methodology that is in a sequential design process. There is a proper record that once you finish a task you cannot go back to it. Waterfall does not allow the developers to make changes to the program once you are done with it. 

What is Agile Software Development?

Agile Software Development is an answer to all the Waterfall Software Development issues. It came as a counter to all the problems that waterfall faced. Agile software allows developers to edit or add features as and when they want.   You can also evaluate the priorities of the project at the end. There are software solutions companies such as Geneca software that can make the developers easily transition from waterfall to agile software development.

In a project, there are completely 8 stages of any project. You first have the concept, initialization, analysis, design, construction, testing, implementation, and maintenance. This requires strong documentation if the project has to be successful.

We are discussing waterfall and agile software development that is offered by companies such as Geneca who offer their Geneca software, as we are using them in the present scenario There are a few differences between the two kinds of software development that we have but when we are successfully transitioning from waterfall to agile there are a few setbacks but by completely understanding the characteristics, it is better to shift to agile operations with ease. Let us look at the 5 ways where there can be a smooth transition from waterfall to agile. 

  •   Well trained personnel

Bringing with new ideas to the table and engaging in new practices without any guidance, can make the transition unsmooth. They may also result in failure. It is better when you hire someone who knows agile methods and can also train the staff along. In these sessions, they can understand how the whole methodology works and how to match the values of agile development even though there are obvious hurdles. The organizations can partner with institutions that help the working personnel adopt the agile way of programming and also encourage them to read books, blogs, seminars, and other ways of understanding the topic. The ones who make the decisions can make the wise decision of training the staff before the transitions so that there can be no problem in the process later. 

  •   Leveraging the automation factor

So, when you adapt to agile software development, you tend to also work with automation. When you have the stakeholders tightening the schedules and deadlines of the project that they start expecting very highly of you, you need to switch to the automation methodology so that you can ease up some pressure. The automation tools and processes help to save time big time and also ensure that the exact deliverables are given. Automation also makes sure that the workflow is pretty consistent along with the elimination of redundant efforts. It also increases the interest in the production in collaboration. 

  •   Fixated on the way you think

There is an immediate need to change how we think but if you keep on hanging on to the legacies then there can be no agile transactions. In an organization, you can still keep the conventional software examples for making the employees understand the new ones but it is better you move on to faster and better software like agile to complete the new tasks. It will be much faster and easier if you can try and stay committed to agile development as it can be fruitful for being focused. 

The developers who are in Agile development should extend their comfort zones and work for strict collaboration. Agile happens good to those who are working with a flexible and coordinated mind with the only focus of accomplishing the goal in building a quality application.

  •   Regular communication

Communication is the key to almost all the key developments anywhere in the world. There is always a need for consistent communication every time you are involved in development activities. When you place everyone from a location and then report their progress will help the team leads to know where exactly the problems are emerging. When there is quick and effective communication, there is also a quicker reaction to the issue. Thus, when you don’t have communication, it can hamper the activities or the thread of work.

  •   Collaboration

So, when you want to have a successful project in your kitty, you need to collaborate with different teams so that they can get used to working together. When the testers are included in the development team, they can easily try and understand the whole agile software development. They will also understand what kind of testing abilities are required for the above requirement.  When you go through the collaborative integration programs, it encourages you to unite in the work and bring out the best quality software. It also helps in resulting in the most relevant things and will sail you through an increasingly smooth deployment. Thus, there is a reason why Agile software developers deliver value to organizations. 

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Thus, if your client wants to make any kind of changes in the middle of the project, then you can go for agile software development. You can also choose it if you do not have a clear idea about how and what the final product is going to be. Just creating a good project out of a great idea that serves the purpose to you and your client as per the industry standards is what you should aim for. 

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