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Everything You Need To Know About CNC Machines

CNC Machines

CNC machines are a part of the manufacturing process that is told how to run by pre-programmed software fed in the computer. This can be used to control complex and difficult machines, lathes, mills, and routers. They can also accomplish tasks like three-dimensional cutting etc. What are CNC machines exactly? … Continue reading

How to move from Waterfall to Agile Software Development- 5 Helpful Tips

Agile Software Development

Smart devices and applications have now made software development a very simple approach. Waterfall practices are very tried and tested approaches for many quality assurance teams. These teams are now trying to change them into agile testing methods that can speed up the whole process while retaining the quality at … Continue reading

The Importance of Knowing and Following All YouTube Rules

Latest News

Social Media is an impotent avenue for social marketing and enhancing the potentialities of a business. YouTube is an important arm of social media that packs tremendous potentialities in taking the business to excellent heights. But before posting content on YouTube it is important to follow its rules and regulations … Continue reading