How to Increase Website Traffic for Making More Sales

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In order to increase website traffic successfully, knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) is indispensable. A piece of good knowledge about SEO and the way in which it will affect your website will greatly determine the amount of traffic that gets diverted to your website.

There are a number of websites that contain commendable information but while somebody makes a search, they show up nowhere on the first few pages of the result displayed by various search engines.

There is no single fool-proof way of increasing website traffic, the best strategy would involve a combination of different techniques.

Along with good knowledge about SEO, if you know even a little about keyword phrases, Algorithms Link Popularity, Site structure, and Page Rank, you can definitely create a website with much better traffic volume.

Article Marketing

Is article marketing still an effective strategy to increase website traffic and lead to an increase in potential business income in today’s fast-paced technical environment? It can be done correctly and in conjunction with other online marketing strategies.

Put quite simply, article marketing is a traffic generator. It is specifically designed to build an online presence for your website and drive traffic to that website in order to convert traffic to customers.

The key to effective article marketing is optimization. You must understand keywords and how they affect the success of your article, and consequently, your website traffic.

Maximized articles will ideally contain two percent “keyword-rich” content that will be published on an articles managing platform such as EzineArticles.

These articles go out into the Internet for all time, helping to establish your online presence, add to your credibility, drive traffic to a specific website, and, ultimately, increase sales, thus leading to an increase in business income.

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Social Media Marketing

This works fast especially if you have a large following on any of the social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. The key to this is to come up with attention-grabbing posts that will generate curiosity among the readers.

One good tip is to inject humor or stir up a controversy. Once done right, clicking through to your website will drastically increase.

It is important to make the most out of social networking tactics. Make use of the technology to get the job done. Some can be integrated with both your Facebook and Twitter profiles like StumbleUpon.

One post on it will make waves on all 3 social sites at once. It will definitely save your quality time.

Video Marketing

What’s the advantage of video marketing? Having a short clip that speaks well of your product is proven to be more effective than the lengthy text on your web pages.

Another advantage of using videos is that you can have them hosted by other sites such as the world-famous YouTube.com.

Having a third party directing loads of traffic to your website is a huge boost to your daily web traffic. This method also is said to increase your rankings on Google. Aside from YouTube, there are plenty of video streaming sites that let you upload and play your videos for free.

Here are some pointers in video marketing:

Optimize your videos for Search Engines –

You can do video SEO not only for video search engines like YouTube but also for content search engines like Google and Bing. A good approach would be to use meta tags for the content (text) of the page where your video is placed.

Viral Marketing

Saved the best for last. Viral marketing is a highly effective method of generating traffic to your website. The great thing is the traffic you get is people who have seen your work and are eager for more. You need to create a top-notch ebook or report or even software.

Make sure that the product is highly valuable and over-delivers in every way. Brand the product with the URL you are trying to generate traffic for and then… give it away free.
You can give it away, either via an opt-in form on your website [you give them the ebook or software in exchange for their emails] or you can have a joint venture with another affiliate marketer with an opt-in list and give it away as a freebie to that list.


With the right skill set, it’s possible to increase website traffic fast. The key is to have a plan in place, research your target audience, know your goals, and TAKE ACTION.

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