How to get your smartphone’s IP address hidden?

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You might have heard that people can track your activities and whereabouts when browsing the internet using your computer, but did you realise that the same applies if you are using a smartphone? Just as you can hide the IP address of your computer, the same applies to your smartphone. Want to find out how to hide the IP of your phone, read on.

What is an IP address?

Every device that connects to the internet has its own IP address with no two devices having the same address. The IP address is a set of numbers that are picked up by websites, so they know your exact location. Not only this, but they can track you using that number.

If you do not want eyes on your every movement when using your smartphone, nor want anyone looking to find out your location, you can mask your true IP and take on an alternative one.

One way is with a VPN provider and in this case, you can take on an IP address from a server based anywhere in the world.

Steps to mask your IP address on your smartphone

VPN providers offer apps for smartphones and this is by far the easiest and quickest way to block your IP. To get started just follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Choose a VPN provider and a plan
  2. Head to the download page to the link to download an app for Android or iOS
  3. Install the app and sign in using your credentials
  4. Open the app on your device and a dashboard should open up
  5. Browse through the servers or allow the app to choose a server automatically
  6. Connect to that server
  7. Once connected, you take on an IP address from the server of the country you connected to and your own IP is masked.

To anyone looking it now looks as though you are halfway around the world from where you are actually located.

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Why you might want to mask your IP

There are many reasons why people choose to mask their IP address when using their smartphone.

Total peace of mind with security

Today, people run their lives using their phone. You do not want people snooping or being able to access personal information and a VPN is one way of putting a stop to that.

A VPN provides security, as not only can you hide your IP address you also gain from encryption.

The VPN puts a “tunnel” between your device and the internet. Any information you enter using your phone is encrypted before it goes down the tunnel and out onto the internet. It is then decrypted when it reaches its destination.

If a hacker were to come across your information, they would not be able to decipher it.

Overcome geo-restrictions

You might want to use your smartphone to stream using Netflix while you are on vacation.

However, content on the streaming platform is limited to the country you visit. If you want to access the content you get at home, you can take on an IP address from your own country to continue watching your catalogue of content.

If you live outside of the states you might also choose a US server and enjoy the full catalogue of content residents of the United States enjoy.

The same method can be used to get around restrictions of any other streaming platform or website that might be blocked in the country you are visiting.

Download in privacy

Another use of a VPN is to download in total privacy. You might use torrent files, which are illegal if you download content that is covered by copyright.

By taking on an alternate IP address your service provider will not be able to see what you are doing using your phone, so they will not catch you doing something they do not approve of and restrict or ban your service.

As you can see, there are many advantages to hiding the IP address of your smartphone and you do it easily using a VPN.

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