How Small Businesses Can Grow with Facebook

Grow with Facebook

Social media has become a vital tool for small business owners who are looking to maximize their potential and make more conversions. While networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are important, it is Facebook that is the most powerful social tool for small businesses to leverage.

Facebook has so many tools catered toward small businesses and helps by providing free advertising that could potentially reach hundreds of millions. Imagine you have a business that is web-based and provides information on NY online casinos , Facebook can help you more easily reach customers.

It’s not only online businesses that can thrive by using Facebook. Even if you have a brick-and-mortar location, Facebook provides an excellent tool for connecting with customers and letting them know about your company.

With plenty of business-oriented features, small business owners are often confused when beginning on Facebook. There were will discuss some of the things you should do when starting on a social network.

1. Open a business page.

To give your business its own presence you should create a dedicated Facebook Pages profile and not just link your business to your personal account. A separate page for your business looks like a normal profile but it is branded to your company and will act as your social media storefront. Users join Pages differently to a personal profile, where they would need to send a friend request. Instead, potential customers can simply like your business page to start following it.

Facebook for Business

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While setting up your Facebook Pages business profile you will see plenty of options for customizing the page. You should aim to include as much information as possible without overwhelming the reader, including a small blurb about your company. Other information that can be included are your company address, contact information, other social media accounts, website, and business hours.

2. Be consistent

Just having a Facebook page is not going to cut it. Your small business will also have to be active on the network and make posts regularly. At a minimum, you should aim for one post today so that customers and just general readers feel like they get to know your business and what it offers.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking any old post will be sufficient, you’ll also have to ensure your content is quality. Among good posts that garner plenty of attention are behind-the-scenes information and images about your company, including employees.

Never be afraid to experiment on Facebook so try different types of posts to see which ones hit with customers and which ones don’t. Facebook has a handy poll feature that you could use to ask readers directly what they want to see on your page.

For a deeper understanding of engagement trends, you can use Facebook Insights, which is free on every Page’s profile. With this tool, you can see a detailed overview of engagement statistics broken down by post.

3. Promote your page.

What is you have witty and engaging content, but you still don’t have people viewing your business? This is a common problem small business owners encounter and it mostly comes down to promotion. Many fall into a trap of believing that simply posting is enough to open the floodgates and see customers flock to the page.

Unfortunately, it takes more work than that, so be prepared to promote your page. When you set up the business page, send invites to any friends and business contacts you have, including to previous customers. Additionally, when engaging with customers on other avenues, such as email or on your website, include a link to your Facebook page.

6. Try Facebook ads.

Sometimes the users don’t arrive on your page organically, no matter what strategy you use. Luckily Facebook has you covered with Facebook ads, which will actively promote your posts to reach more people. It’s a good tool for sure, but it is worth noting that Facebook ads cost money.

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