How 5 Products From Apple Changed The Way We Perceived Technology In The World




In the past few years, very few companies have made as much of an impact on the world as has Apple. The technological giant founded by Steve Jobs continues to amaze us by consistently innovating. A drive and seal that started from the first Apple product in the world (Apple 1) is still very much evident in the way the company is in 2020.

Even though Apple has not lost its legendary founder, Steve Jobs, the current CEO, Tim Cook has taken Apple to new heights. What makes Apple a force to reckon with in the industry is not only its emphasis on technology. It also has a lot to do with the aesthetics of its products, the marketing, the advertising, and the entire culture the company promotes.

In this article, we are going to look at five products from Apple, which changed human perspectives on technology. However, before we begin, let us look at how and why Apple has come to be the leader in the world of technology.

Apple: The Leader of the Technological World?

Just to give you an idea of how big Apple is, let me present an interesting fact. Apple was the first Trillion Dollar company in the world by market cap. Over the next few years, Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet and Saudi Aramco have been able to breach the trillion-dollar mark.

One of the key reasons why Apple has been able to hold on to the number one spot is because it is constantly innovating. It uses the other usual suspects- marketing, advertising, planned obsolescence, long product lines as a second fiddle to its technology.

There is no doubt the rapid leaps and bounds in technological advancements have made Apple the company it is today. In a recent interview, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple talked about how Apple believes in having the right internal culture. This helps in promoting constant and untiring innovation across all verticals.

5 Apple Products that have changed our perception of technology: The List

  1. Apple MacBook-
Apple MacBook

When Apple conceptualized the MacBook, it was a new take on the bulky, unsophisticated and impractical laptop. Here was a piece of technology, which not only looked good but was powerful, flawless and free from viruses.

Apple backed it up as the new way of working by launching the MacBook Pro. Within a few years, MacBook has become a staple part of our lives. Occasionally you might hear the statement, my Mac won’t turn on, but that is only in the rarest of rare cases.

  1. Apple iPhone-
iPhone XS Max

When Steve Jobs released the first iPhone to the world in June 2007, it changed cellular technology forever. Ever since then the iPhone, now in its 11th generation avatar has been ruling the sales chart unlike any other cell phone in the world.

The slick user interface, the Premiumness of the device, the power of the software and again Apple’s support, made the iPhone a revolutionary technology, which changed communications, as we know it. While other manufacturers have tried to catch up, they have not been successful.

  1. Apple iPod-

The iPod is another one of the products, which was created under the tutelage of Steve Jobs. Jibs realized that the music industry has not seen a revolution ever since Sony invented the Walkman two decades ago.

The iPod was cute, functional, and cool and could store thousands of songs. The Apple Music subscription business model was intertwined with the iPod, resulting in the creation of a mammoth in the music industry.

  1. Apple iPad-
ipad pro

When the iPad was first released many people criticized it for being wasteful. Not in terms of the money, but in terms of a technological product, which had no need to exist. You had your phone and you had your laptop or desktop. Why in the world would you need something in between?

Every one of those people was wrong because the iPad created an entirely new product niche by itself. With millions of pieces being sold worldwide, it led other manufacturers and brands to scamper in creating their own versions of the iPad.

  1. Apple Watch-
Apple Watch

Was there a way in which Apple could reimagine the humble wristwatch? Before the Apple Watch, you would have probably said no. This was because wristwatches as an industry was in the decline. Millennials preferred to use their cell phones to check the time.

In spite of all the adversities, Apple reimagined the wristwatch. Apple Watch outsold every single watch manufacturer in the world after its launch. Its smart style, technological heavy approach and its ability to be synced with other devices made the Apple watch a must buy.

Conclusion Whether you know it or not, Apple has already become an indispensable part of our lives. The technological ecosystem created by Apple has engulfed us in many ways. With almost all the products mentioned here going strong into the future, Apple continues to be the market leader in every product niche it touches.

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