Guide to Developing a Secure Mobile Application Wallet in 2020

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One of the hottest topics these days is mobile wallet apps. The mobile payment revenue worldwide exceeded $780 billion in 2017. Furthermore, experts have predicted it would cross the one trillion mark. Today could be the best time for mobile app development for mobile wallets .

In the United States, thirty-nine percent of mobile users made at least a single mobile transaction in 2015. With a much abundance of mobile transaction inflow, there has to be a payment mode and of course safe and secure storage for it. This is how the mobile wallet application was conceived.

Secure Mobile Application Wallet

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Mobile Wallet, An Understanding

A versatile or mobile wallet is an app, which licenses to integrate and store varying installment schemes. It’s also an app that provides a license to fuse as well. These include installment gateways such as credit/charge cards or digital cash or money, such as bitcoin, for instance, nearby additional stuff like dedication cards, coupon codes, and so on.

Cybercriminals are concentrating on multifaceted channels more forcefully than at any other time in recent memory. Additionally, application designers must adopt a proactive strategy to secure applications to combat this new adversary. The quantity of versatile malware assaulting clients of cell phones is expanding quickly every year. Simultaneously, pernicious applications keep on being appropriated on outsider application stores and now and again sneak by the radar of the authority application stores. Besides, providing the only single feature or advanced solution wherein users could pay for goods and do other peer-to-peer payments is critical.

The Various Industries that Derive Mobile Wallet App Benefit

A mobile wallet application is strongly related to the financial space. The apps store sensitive data, including debit, credit, loyalty, and digital currencies. A mobile application wallet could be an addition to a mobile solution or app that already exists for a mobile commerce shop or store. The apps help users store information on sales, as well as instigate payments through loyalty cards, coupons, and rewards.

Financial firms provide users with different cards, including debit and credit cards, and furnish their clientele with administrations. Telecommunication organizations, including logistics, tech enterprises, and transportation servers as neutral players in the financial world.

Secure Mobile Wallet App Development

Check out the following tips for building easy but secure apps for electronic or digital payment.

A. Doing Assignment. It’s imperative to check out the trends and requirements of the target audience in the market before developing a strategy to build up an app. With a little homework, all information regarding mobile wallet app developers and user expectations.

B. Stick to the motive. A customized eWallet application should be built in a way that the target audience makes use of it. To accomplish this aim, it’s necessary to determine the issue and consider related features as a solution. Also, take into account the prospective users of the application into groups. Categorize by age, habits, and more. Moreover, security aspects should be considered.

C. Select the type. After deciding on a mobile wallet app platform, it’s time to choose the type of wallet. There are different kinds to choose from, such as a wallet that writes off funds through text, one that performs payments via the web, and others. Also possible through a mobile wallet is contactless payment.

D. Considering the UI or user interface. The UI or user interface and UX or user experience play vital roles in enticing more people to use the app. The mobile wallet application development company concentrates on engagement, content readability, and business model while creating a wallet application. Bear in mind that the application should stay easy to use and performs seamlessly.

The Technologies that are Utilized For Mobile Wallet App

The Encryption

Encryption is one of the most reliable and robust methods to ensure the thorough security of the entire process of the transaction. The technology starts right away when a user swipes the phone over the PoS terminal.

Tokenization technology. Builds a mobile-based platform that’s more secure. There’s no need for card details. Rather, details are made into a token, which appears similar to a random number.


An old but reliable tool. It provides effective protection on any application or website. Personalized data is thoroughly safe because the customer is aware of the password, which makes it very hard for hackers to crack. Short and simple passwords are not easy to guess, so the password methodology is extremely reliable to make a secure mobile wallet application.


When it comes to the security of a mobile wallet application, it’s preferable to seek a mobile wallet application development partner. Several major technologies reinforce mobile wallet app security. Keep in mind all the time that customers record their debit cards or credit cards. Moreover, there is also other delicate financial information in the app. Even the tiniest attack could put card details into jeopardy.


H.P Morgan is an IT Consultant at TatvaSoft Australia, A Mobile App Development Company in Australia. He is having seven years of experience in the Technological domain and helps the organization of all shapes. He loves to travel to Spontaneous places.

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