How to Ensure Quality and Timely Delivery from Your Offshore Development Partner!


Software development is a new normal in the present times and there is no doubt more and more businesses are switching to it. When it is about choosing an Offshore development company , there are so many questions that may hit you.

Tips for Offshore Partner Quality & Delivery!

The primary questions could be about the role they will play. Well, they help businesses to get their needs catered sufficiently. There is a dedicated team available that suits the need of both startups and large companies. They focus on client requirements and get the task done as needed.

But when you are in this market and looking forward to getting in touch with the offshore development partner, you must be aware of how can you ensure quality and timely delivery from them.

If you have the same question, here we are discussing it in detail. Keep on reading so no detail will get missed from your eyes at all. Let’s have a look!

Practices to consider

In this section, we will help you to know about the practices that you can follow to get timely deliverables from your offshore development partner:

Choose your partner carefully

The first step is to choose the partner carefully. You will find out so many development service providers around who appear to be so experienced that no one can question their experience. But among all of them, you need to choose the one who is not only experienced. But also have the capability to understand the project and make the delivery on time. If they are experienced and not punctual this will turn out to be a combination you cannot deal with.

Discuss your expectation

When you have found the right offshore developer, this is the time for you to discuss your expectations in detail. This clear discussion will be helpful in analyzing whether or not they are a choice for you. During the discussion, let them know about your expectation so that they can relate to them and offer the services as needed. In case you feel like they are not the ones who can help you, look for other ones around who actually fulfill the expectations you have.


The Software development partner, you hire does come up with a price you need to pay. Some are there who charges on the basis of an hour and some charge as per the projects. It is essential for you to know how much are they charging you and how the charge is divided. This clarity will help you to know whether or not you are ready to pay the same amount. Also, if there is any scope for negotiation do the same. As you will be able to save a good amount by doing negotiation effectively.

Have a look at the testimonials

Choosing someone who is not having a good record is one of the biggest mistakes. So before finalizing the particular offshore developer, you choose, figure out whether or not they hold a good record. Multiple platforms are available where you can put the review, including Glassdoor, Google reviews, and so on. These reviews will help you to know whether or not the needs you have wanted with the developer will be fulfilled or not.

Get an idea about the time zones

Undoubtedly, when you are hiring an offshore developer, there will be a difference in the time zones they are operating. Well, accordingly you need to manage your time. Have an idea about the time zones and analyze whether or not you can adjust the same. With some offshore developers, you need to compromise with your sleep. So be prepared for the same as well. If you are someone who cannot compromise with your sleep, look for these developers who belong to the same time zone as yours.

Ask for an NDA:

You never want anyone to store your idea that’s why it is important to sign the NDA before starting with the project. If you want that the Offshore developer, you are hiring must offer you the services as needed let them sign the NDA. As this non-disclosure agreement is acting as a safety of your project. Also, put up a penalty in case they reveal your idea to anyone for future safety. Although there are very few cases that the Offshore developers may reveal your details to anyone. But still, prevention is better than cure and you should take all the safety measures into consideration

Communication is important:

Communication is also very essential whenever you are reaching out to the offshore developer. Make sure you are choosing an effective way to communicate. If there is no clear medium of communication available you will not be able to get in touch with them effectively and unnecessary problems will arise. Therefore, ask them what mode of communication they prefer. In a general manner, males are more considerable and secure than any other medium.

Ask for timings:

When you are reaching the offshore developer do know how much time they require to complete the project. Always move ahead with the relaxation of almost 10 days, so that in case the developer gets late to deliver the project there will be no chances of trouble at all.

Know about the technologies they are dealing with:

There are so many Offshore developers available who deal with particular Technologies. You need to find out one who is an expert in the domain you are looking for. If they are not having sufficient experience in the same domain there is no point in reaching out for your project needs. You can also ask for a relevant experience for them if you are having any doubt regarding the same. Until and unless you are not sure that they are having expertise in the same domain you are looking for do not finalize things at all.

Ensuring seamless working process:

If the Offshore developer team you have reached out to is not favoring a seamless working process, there is no point in reaching out. Besides understanding the company you are also responsible for sharing the information with them. Check out whether or not they are keeping it confidential. There are so many developers around who do have experience. But they do not offer a seamless working process due to which they are not as successful as you expect them to be. To avoid disappointment on your side keeps everything in consideration and then only finalize things.


It is important for you to choose an Offshore developer who not only has the expertise but is also transparent with the services. If they are not transparent with the services there is no point in reaching out. Let them know about what you are up to regarding the project and your expectations in detail so they can manage things in the same way.

If you are doubting their credibility or you are clueless about it, they might not be a right fit for your project. Do have a discussion about the same as well with them to make things better.

Remain in direct contact with them and get an update about the process

Last but not least it is advisable to remain in direct contact with them. This direct contact will help you to know how to update the project. You will also know how long it will take you to get it. If you are not contacted directly there are chances the Offshore developer will make it careless. As a result, they take more time than required. This will have an overall impact on the launch date of your project. So be prepared for the same. Also, do not put up things in such a way that they feel like you are not in need of it or take your project for granted.


Hiring an Offshore developer seems to be a difficult task but with the right tips and tricks you will not face any difficulty at all. It is important for you to get transparent about your needs with them and seek the services accordingly. If the developer you have higher is not having relevant experience there is no point in reaching out.

For the development of any project, it is important that you are being transparent about your needs. Also, check whether the developer you are reaching is fulfilling the same. It doesn’t matter whether you are hiring offshore developers or any other freelance developer, be sure about your needs get catered to. Also, keep in mind there is no room for mistakes at all so plan things accordingly!

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