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The availability of explainer videos is huge, but they all contain one thing quite similar. That one thing is a solid reason for creating these videos is to inform the audience in a very appropriate way.

They information plays a huge role when prospects desire to take service buy any product, or even share an idea with others. The purpose of this, knowledge leads to growth.

So, if you are trying to get your point across using a good explainer video, this blog is designed to illustrate everything you desire. Each type has an explainer and examples of how it works, and how you can create your own.

Let’s jump into it before it’s too late.

Why Explainer Videos Play a Huge Role in Elevating a Business

It contains several reasons why explainer videos are beneficial, but one of the best reasons is, that they convey complex stuff in a seamless way, which assists viewers in understanding it convenient way.  And, research claims that people understand explainer videos 80% better than text or audio. Here’s why bootstrap or venture capital business requires taking the initiative in crafting explainer videos.

  • Efficiently communicate your business’s purpose, offerings, and how you can assist your audience.
  • Establish brand recognition and foster a meaningful bond with your desired demographic.
  • Stir excitement and direct traffic to your website or landing page.

Why Explainer Videos Offer Numerous Advantages

  1. Clarity: They simplify complex ideas into understandable visuals and narration.
  2. Engagement: Visual storytelling captivates viewers, increasing retention and understanding.
  3. Versatility: Suitable for various platforms and purposes, from marketing to training.
  4. Memorability: Visual content leaves a lasting impression, enhancing brand recall.
  5. Accessibility: It appeals to every audience regardless of their views and assists them in taking action.
  6. Conversion: Compelling narratives and calls to action drive audience action.
  7. Cost-Effective: Compared to live-action productions, explainer videos often have lower production costs.
  8. Shareability: The shareability of content is accessed and grabs more engagement than other sources.

Explainer videos are fantastic tools that make complex information easy to grasp. They come in various types, each serving a unique purpose. Let’s delve into 7 popular explainer video types and explore examples to understand their applications better.

1.     Hook, Line, and Sinker Product Promotion Explainer Videos:

Imagine launching a startup or a service. This type of explainer video is your go-to. Begin with a catchy hook – something that grabs attention. It could be addressing a pain point, highlighting motivation for change, or envisioning a better life with your solution. Then, use the line to connect this hook with your solution, explaining how it brings users closer to their dream state. Finally, reel them in with the sinker – your core offer or deal. This video is perfect for social media performance, turning your explainer into a compelling ad, or launching something new.

2.     PAS Framework: Effective Explainer Videos for Introducing Companies

Enter the PAS framework – a marketer’s secret sauce. Start by outlining the problem, emphasizing its magnitude, and then introduce the ultimate solution or painkiller. This is effective for teaching new ideas, excelling on social media, and launching new ventures, especially when your audience regularly experiences a particular pain.

3.     Use Effective Explainer videos:

Simplify complex ideas by narrating a use case in relatable terms. Instead of focusing on product features, delve into the practical benefits of use. The script generally follows Jane or John as they become a customer, emphasizing their desires, why your product is perfect for them, and the additional benefits they gain. Use this to connect with a specific target audience, explain your product to non-tech-savvy users, or spotlight a particular use case.

4.     Timeline Explainer Videos:

When you need to showcase your company’s journey, goals, or product development over time, a timeline explainer video is your tool. Ideal for pitching to investors, building trust with your audience, and illustrating how your company has evolved.

5.     Origin Story Explainer Videos: Unveiling the Protagonist’s Journey

Position your company or customer as the hero overcoming challenges to improve their situation. This narrative-driven video builds trust, establishes an authentic brand persona, and is great for launching new products or services.

6.     Straight How-to or Demo Explainer Videos:

How-to videos are internet favorites, especially for explaining specific skills or tasks. They are typically motion graphics or screencast videos guiding users through a product’s interface. A powerful way to teach, demystify complex concepts, and showcase post-purchase product usage.

7.     Look at the Numbers Explainer Videos:

Harness the power of numbers and statistics to communicate milestones, KPIs, and results. This video excels on social media and effectively communicates with employees, investors, and customers, providing a clear understanding of your achievements.

Furthermore, our professional provides whiteboard animation services to direct your complex problem into a problem-solving solution for viewers.

Let’s Explore the Styles of Presenting these Explainer Videos

1. Animated explainer videos:

Great for conveying lots of information in a short time, animated videos come in various styles like 2D, 3D, motion graphics, and typography animation.

2. Live-action explainer videos:

Personalize your message and make it relatable by incorporating real people and scenes. Ideal for showcasing products or services in action.

3. AI Explainer Videos:

Leverage artificial intelligence to create live-action videos from a script. This cost-effective method generates a realistic human presenter and voiceover, providing a range of actors and voices.

4. Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos:

An effective way to communicate complex information without breaking the bank. With minimal animation involved, these videos maintain explanatory power.

5. Screencast Explainer Videos:

Perfect for demonstrating detailed product or service usage. An affordable option that is often combined with live-action videos for tutorials or how-to content.

However, if you facing issues in creating an Explainer video service, because it takes experience in video editing, voice-over artists, script writing, and animated video creation, then you can get assistance from our professionals, they can help you in the best possible way according to your business.


Explainer videos are versatile tools that cater to different needs. Understanding their types and styles empowers you to choose the right approach for your message, making information both accessible and engaging. Whether you’re launching a startup, teaching a skill, or showcasing your company’s journey, there’s an explainer video type that suits your purpose.

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