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The modern design of the flash drives

Nowadays USB drives are diverse. They might differ in the storage space and many other technical characteristics. One more feature, which has recently become important for people, is the design of the custom flash drives. There is an impressive variety of designs available for the users. Among the most widespread ones, we can mention:

  • toys (for instance, nice flash drives looking like Lego Meccano)
  • animals and various creatures
  • movies and cartoons heroes
  • foods
  • bullets
  • pens
  • cosmetics (for instance, lipsticks)
  • cigarette lighters
  • keys
  • paper clips
  • plain lighters, etc.

One of the popular variations of the flash drives is the devices with a special printed design. Such items are widely used for the promotional purposes of business.

Custom flash drives in business promotion

Custom flash drives for the promotion of any business require unique solutions. There are several ways to use the gadgets for the purpose described:

  • to print a picture or a logo of the company on the item
  • to make the etched logo/picture/slogan/address/links to website/name

Such a decision is a very good investment. It is connected with the fact that there is hardly a person, who does not have a flash drive. What ’s more, the price for a set of devices is quite moderate.

As a result, it is possible to increase the presence of any company among the larger number of people. The most common strategy is the promotional gifts, for which the flash drives are often used. If your clients receive something for free, it creates a good reputation for you in their minds.

Today USB devices are a popular choice for promotion among the well-known companies. It is connected with the fact that such items are used by almost any layer of society:

  • school/university/college students
  • corporations’ representatives
  • plain users, who exchange any type of information.

There are different strategies of the flash drives application for promotional purposes.

Effective strategies of the USB flash drives application

Consider several effective ways to include such drives in the promotion of the business:

  • A part of the content promotion strategy. For instance, if you are a trainer, you can add certain materials on the exercises or some diet tips. The potential clients will appreciate useful information and the possibility to receive a free USB flash drive. Another good example is homebuilders, who can add an interactive tour of one of the houses displayed.
  • Presentation copy. The companies often prepare presentations for various meetings, conferences, and other events. The results of their work might be easily transferred to the flash drive to display the essential details to the potential clients of the firm. Sometimes people even share the materials with others, thus, allowing you becoming even more known. Remember that the information recorded must be valuable and beneficial for the users. You can tell them you are an expert in your sphere.
  • Coupons/free offers. It is a good way to attract new clients and create a good reputation for the company. You can add certain discounts, free offers or something else to the flash drive. The devices might be either sent by mail or given away in the street. It is better to let potential customers know that there is a pleasant surprise on the device. It will make them feel more interested. It is also good if, for example, the coupon immediately appears on the screen when the flash drive is inserted into the PC, laptop or other gadgets.
  • Marketing integration. It is advisable not to be limited by the coupons or adverts. It’s better to integrate them with other active campaigns. Interactive strategies are preferable. A nice idea is to create an advert with a storyline, the continuation of which will be available on a flash drive.
  • Welcome materials. It is a good idea to record certain details concerning the event, time, and place of it. It’s appropriate, for instance, for a conference or exposition. Besides, if you are an owner of tourism business, you can offer the customers the drives with your logo and company name, where various activities, hotels or restaurants available will be described.
  • Event recap. The recap of a meeting or a trade show is a wonderful way to inform the clients about the latest information concerning your business. It will be also good for the attendants of the event (especially for those, who came at the last minute). Here you can add videos, photographs, texts, and other materials on a USB flash drive.
  • Hidden USB drives. It is a wonderful marketing strategy to offer potential clients USB drives, which can be used as something else. There are various pens, lighters, bottle openers, etc. Your clients will be pleased with such an item.
  • Information about your products. Compared to the annoying calls during lunchtime, it is better to send the details about your services or products on the USB drive. It also might be an electronic brochure.
  • Templates and patterns. USB drives can become a part of such promotional activity. For instance, if you sell textile products, you can add the ideas or patterns of it.

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Materials used for USB flash drives

Preparing USB flash drive promotional for your advertising campaigns, it is vital to think not only about the design but also about the material used for the production of the device. It should correspond to the general concept. Today there are plenty of materials used for the creation of flash drives:

  • plastic
  • wood
  • metal
  • leather
  • crystal
  • rubber, etc.

The professionals can advise you on the choice of the materials and appropriate design. They will also give you useful tips on the promotion & marketing strategy by means of USB drives.

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