Five Tips To Make Your Secondhand Gadget Good As New


Under a tight budget, you’ve decided to buy yourself a refurbished gadget that functions as smoothly as a brand new one. You’re likely planning to buy it online or at a nearby computer store. Or perhaps, someone close to you has promised that they’d hand you down their old phone or laptop because they decided to buy a new model.

Regardless of how the gadget falls into your hands, getting a secondhand device is a practical and smart move, especially when you need to save up on cash but still want a good deal.

Nowadays, the market for secondhand gadgets, such as phones and laptops, has grown. For online shopping sites, the most searched gadget by users is the laptop, covering 40% of the searches. This means that more and more people are relying on old devices as an economical option.

Because you want a good buy, you look into options as to what you should buy and how you should buy it. So, how do you choose the best secondhand gadget that suits your preferences? How can you make it look good as new? You do this because you want to make sure that the gadget you purchase is worthwhile.

Below are several tips we’ve gathered to help you find the best previously owned gadget and take care of it properly:

1. Examine the gadget to make sure there are no defects. Buying refurbished Macbooks or any old laptop model can save you a lot of money, but you want to make sure that it’s still in working condition.

If you’re going to buy a laptop, it’s highly likely that it has been overused. What you can do is purchase it in person to check whether there are any damages to the hardware and bugs in the software. Make sure to examine the screen for discoloration and dead pixels, as well as the ports, keyboard, CD/DVD slot, and other physical parts. Verify if it can connect to the Wi-Fi without any hassle and check if the battery is fine.

If you can only purchase one online, make sure to do the same check-up on the laptop and then return it immediately if there’s any damage. The same goes for smartphones and DSLRs, which are also likely overused. Be careful not to buy a stolen phone, and make sure that the seller has a return policy.

For cameras, check the lens and shoot the blue sky to check the sensor for scratches and dust. Additionally, check the camera’s shutter count to see if it’s the same as the maximum rated value from the manufacturer.

2. Make sure the price is realistic. Do your research and check the price range for brand-new versions of the gadget you’re going to purchase. Knowing the difference between the secondhand price and the original price can help you make an informed decision as to which laptop or smartphone brand to take.

Always examine the specifications, read user reviews on different laptop brands, and see what other people have to say about the performance of the brand.

3. The timing of your buy is crucial. It’s highly likely that you could buy a cheaper Macbook Pro before a new version comes out. The same goes for iPhones and Samsung phones. You can check when the gadget you’re planning to buy was released, what else in the same brand and model has appeared since then, and when a new version would probably replace it.

4. Make sure that you avoid scams and bogus sellers. If you’re going to purchase a refurbished gadget online, perform a background check on the sellers to ensure that they have a good history and reputation among the community. You can minimize the risk of being scammed by buying from a reputable secondhand seller.

5. Never upload or send pictures of your payment without a watermark. If you’re planning to buy the gadget using cold cash, don’t post your money or full government ID online without concealing private information. It could be necessary for authenticity purposes, but keep in mind that identity theft is possible and you can get scammed.

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Before buying a secondhand and refurbished gadget, make sure to follow the tips laid down above so that what you purchase leaves you a satisfied customer and your wallet secured.

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