Aging In Place In A High-tech Era: Digital Tools for Today’s Seniors

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Aging In Place In A High-tech Era: Digital Tools for Today’s Seniors 

Aging In Place In A High-tech Era

Aging in place allows seniors to enjoy their later years in the safety and comfort of their beloved home. It’s the ideal scenario for many seniors, yet aging in place can present challenges for those who find their ability levels changing. Family and friends may worry about what happens in the case of a fall or other health emergency, while day-to-day tasks may be more difficult than they used to be.

A new generation of technological developments may hold some of the answers. From managing medication to monitoring health and wellbeing, these new devices and applications can make life safer, easier and more enjoyable for today’s independent seniors.

Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems provide emergency help for seniors living at home. These systems provide various functions around their central purpose (immediate access to the emergency services in the event of an accident or serious health issue). Some offer a simple alarm button, while others also provide more sophisticated monitoring.

Fitness Trackers

Although not created specifically with seniors in mind,fitness trackers such as the FitBitare finding a ready market amongst older consumers. Worn on the wrist like a bracelet, fitness trackers monitor activities such as walking, stair-climbing and exercise. They also measure all-important vital signs such as the wearer’s heart rate and blood pressure. As well as allowing the wearer to track their own health and fitness, these trackers allow families, friends and caregivers to check up on the wearer’s health and potentially spot problems before they become serious. Because of their positive associations with sportiness and leading an active life, fitness trackers are often more psychologically beneficial than devices explicitly intended for seniors.

Medication minders

Forgetting to take medication can cause serious problems for those managing ongoing health conditions. It can be even more of a problem if one accidentally takes too much of a medication.Digital medicine minders provide a solutionthat’s much more reliable than a days-of-the-week pill caddy. They range from basic models that can be programmed by the user, to more sophisticated units like the TabSafe. This is similar to the pill dispensers found in hospitals, and isremotely operated by the user’s pharmacist.

With these and other tools, aging in place is no longer a risky or lonely undertaking. Modern seniors can remain independent and happy in their own homes, with the peace of mind that a digital support network can provide.

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