A complete guide to startup an on-demand home services application

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On-demand mobile applications solve problems faced by the everyman with practical solutions. For example, the on-demand taxi cab application developed by Uber allows you to avoid cumbersome queues associated with traditional taxi services. Uber enables transportation with a simple tap, and the utility it provides is undeniable.  

The fact that taxi cab solutions have been so successful in such a short period proves that there is a growing market for utility services among millennials. Millennials and the younger generation, in general, are redefining consumption models by opting for services such as ridesharing, carpooling, furniture renting, and so on. 

The busy young professional needs an app that provides home services. The professional of 2020 is dynamic and always on the move. They have very little time to devote to household errands and chores. The home services industry and mobile application development for it is expected to witness a massive growth in demand over the next few years.

Gojek clone app is one of the easiest ways for entrepreneurs to launch an on-demand home services application. Gojek clone offers a variety of services, one of which is home services.

On-demand home services solutions provide (and are not restricted to) the following services

  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Laundry
  • Cleaner
  • Gardening
  • Home painting
  • Personal home trainer
  • Home organizing 
  • Pet care

Features and considerations for your next on-demand home services application

  • Ease-of-access

The app should allow consumers/customers to login/signup with their email IDs, phone numbers, Gmail account, social media handles, etc. Flexibility is key here.

  • Ease of verification

Mailing of verification links and OTPs should be straightforward and glitch-free.

  • Early payment clauses

Avoid requesting credit card details/payment during the on-boarding process. It results in lowered trust in the application/platform when this happens.

  • Provide trials

Clients should be able to evaluate the on-demand home services application for free. Providing a couple of free services is a great way to increase platform trust and reputation.

  • Billing should be transparent

Avoid hidden charges in the fine print. Let clients know the cost upfront, whether its fixed or variable. Indicate with regards to the TAT for the job.

  • Develop feedback loops with clients

Clients should have the capability to provide input on the services they’ve received and their experiences with the platform.

Cost of an on-demand home services application

The cost of app development is a critical aspect of the developmental process. Pinpointing exact costs requires a deeper understanding of the following points:

  • Location

App development costs are region-specific.

  • Feature sets

An increased number of features drives up the costs involved.

  • User interface/User experience

UX and UI are significant contributors to cost. Apps that focus on user-friendliness require more research and development.

  • Company/freelancer

This aspect of the cost is budget dependent. Going through a company is pricier in comparison to freelancers. 

Expect to pay 8k to 15k USD extra if you opt for a company to develop a mobile application for you. Appdupe develops home services apps that are cost-effective and feature-rich. Therefore, it maximizes your money’s value.

Developing the app from scratch

The main problem with developing the app from scratch is the resources, research and the amount of time to be spent. The end result may also sometimes give a hard time for the entrepreneurs. This is where the ready-made app solutions come to the rescue. The solutions like Gojek clone apps can help the entrepreneurs to launch their intended home service app within a week’s time. Some of the major advantages of this ready-made app solution,

  • Complete customizability option
  • White-label app to completely create a unique brand
  • Advanced admin and service provider dashboard
  • Apps provided for all the platforms including android and iOS
  • Multiple revenues and monitoring reports
  • Accurate location tracking option
  • Pre-loaded with features and addons of industry-leading apps

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