A Brief Guide on Gambling Affiliate Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Affiliate marketing is a common way of making money where you are paid for directing customers to a certain business. This type of marketing is also common in gambling, where you can earn as a result of directing people into a particular gambling platform. You only need to agree on the amounts you will be getting after bringing in a customer.

Revenue models in gambling affiliate marketing

There are several gambling affiliate marketing models, and they are; cost per acquisition, revenue share, and hybrid. The three models have distinct features, and they play an integral role in determining the amounts you will earn from introducing new players into a particular online casino. You need to know the features of every model so that you can know the one that suits your needs as an affiliate marketer.

Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

One of the most widely used revenue models in gambling affiliate marketing is the cost per acquisition. This model involves getting a time payment for introducing any customer into a particular casino. The main reason why this model is widely used is that you are guaranteed of getting your payment provided the person you introduce signs up and deposits money to play.

Some casinos do not require that the player must deposit some money for you to get a commission. Consequently, your hard work is the one that will determine the amount you earn. If you can attract a high number of players into the casino you will earn a significantly higher amount of money.

Revenue Share

A significant percentage of gambling affiliate marketers use the revenue share model to determine the amounts they earn. This is where you are continuously paid a certain percentage of the revenue made by the online casino as long as the person you introduced continues playing. If you introduce a player today, you will continue earning an agreed percentage for the period the person continues gambling, even if it will be tens of years.

The majority of the people who prefer this method know that it is a steady source of income as long as the players they introduced continue playing. Some casinos put limits where the person introduced must spend a certain amount of money for the affiliate marketer to get their commission. Consequently, you have to encourage the person you have introduced to keep on playing and use more money in the casino.


This popular revenue model in gambling affiliate marketing combines both the revenue share and CPA methods. Once you introduce a new person, you get an agreed commission through the CPA model. You will then continue getting a certain percentage of the revenue for the time the person you introduce remains an active member of the casino.

The amount you get after introducing a new person is usually relatively smaller than what a person using the pure CPA method will get. Online casinos such as casinonotongamstop.com give this small amount to cover your advertisement efforts and other expenses you might have incurred to lure customers. This method is more popular because it allows you to earn using both the previously mentioned methods: CPA and revenue share.

Requirements of being a gambling affiliate marketer

To join this marketing field, you need to agree with the casino of choice and agree on the revenue model that will suit your needs. Most casinos do not have sophisticated requirements because affiliate markers help them get more customers. Your agreement with the chosen casino can be written as a contract, or you can agree without any written documents.

You also need to be aggressive in online marketing by using different strategies to attract potential customers. This requires you to understand how to use different marketing tools such as social media. The importance of this is that you will have to spread the word about the casino to as many people as possible, including people you do not personally know.

It is also vital to ensure you have ample time to reach out to potential customers. Most people do this on a part-time basis where they have other jobs, but they spend a small percentage of their time marketing online casinos. The most successful people in gambling affiliate marketing do not mind spending a significant percentage of their time convincing customers to join the top casinos, such as those on nongamstopcasino.com.

Understanding the specific features offered by the casino you are marketing in detail is also paramount. This is because you will have to answer questions from the people you are trying to encourage to join a particular casino. If you answer some of the questions wrongly or hesitate, the potential customers will not trust you, and as a result, they might not join the casino.


Therefore, you can make good money in gambling affiliate marketing provided you use the right strategies to attract customers. You only need to know the revenue models to use, the right casinos to market, and the strategies to apply in your marketing campaign.

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