3 Best Syslog Servers for Windows/Linux


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In the modern-day, security is more important than ever. While increasing physical security is important for businesses, so is increasing online security. Cybercrime of all kinds is unfortunately very common. This can include hacks, phishing, DDoS, data breaches and a variety of other things.

In fact, cybercrime is becoming incredibly expensive and harmful for businesses of all kinds. One of the best ways to stay on top of the security for your apps or devices is to use data. Unfortunately, trying to manually manage or make sense of all the data your site, business or app might deal with is not easy.

As a result, many companies will utilize a Syslog server on their device or application. A Syslog server is a standard for logging messages and helps manage, organize and track events (or logs) relevant to a device, app, or site. These servers receive a wide range of messages that include events, errors, sign-on, failures, and a variety of other things. By tracking, searching, and analyzing these logs, companies can identify and fix issues before they become big problems. These logs can also help identify trends in data. 

But with so many Syslog servers out there to consider and use, how do you know which will work best for your needs? With all of that in mind, this blog post is going to look at some of the best Syslog servers for Windows and Linux devices. 

SysLog Servers for Windows

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Papertrail, by Solarwinds, is a high-quality cloud syslog server and manager. It lets you manage Syslog in the cloud, and uses decentralized log files consolidated into one single place. This helps keep everything simple and clear and reduce any efficiency issues. Managing logs doesn’t need to be incredibly complex with this Syslog server.

Accessing your logs through Papertrail is also incredibly simple through the central interface. This interface also lets you view and search log data, and analyze it to identify trends in the data or messages. Also, because it is on the cloud, it works with nearly any operating system, device or application. Setting global policies from a single device and place are also popular.

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

This Syslog server and monitor is another great option. The dashboard is very functional and can help you do a variety of different things. This includes searching messages, sorting them categorically and filtering them. You can also be sure of the security of your logs, as encryption is possible.

However, perhaps one of the best parts about the ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer is the ability to create reports in real-time. This makes monitoring recent events incredibly simple and keeps you on top of any issues and lets you fix them quickly. Also, this Syslog server is great for cross-platform users, as it supports both Windows and Linux. 


Collecting Syslog messages easily and affordably is possible with NxLog. NxLog works with Linux and Windows, as well as a variety of different operating systems. Handling messages from all different types of sources won’t be a problem. It collects a range of different log files and is very powerful, and able to collect millions of messages and events every minute. 

It is an open-source system, so it can be used without spending a dime (at least for the community edition). Managing logs remotely is also popular with NxLog, which is incredibly beneficial in our modern-day lifestyles. It is also a flexible tool for managing logs in addition to being a Syslog server. 

In conclusion, we hope that this article has been able to help you identify some of the best Syslog servers for Windows and Linux devices. Of course, be sure to try them out and perform your own independent research to make sure you make the right choice for your needs.

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