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Reasons Why Odoo Is The Best ERP For Small And Medium Level Businesses

In the IT market, significant technological breakthroughs have wrought a sea of change. Nearly every business is working overtime to stay up with these modern trends. Odoo security is a module that adds extra security to Odoo websites.

Their primary goals are to remain competitive, achieve high positions on SERPs, and efficiently manage business operations. To carry out their daily responsibilities through a single, integrated suite of tools, like the ERP system, small firms now absolutely must have an ERP. 

One of the most important tools for managing the essential operations of small and medium-sized organizations is the Odoo enterprise resource planning system. It accomplishes this through automation and streamlining. 

Order processing, production management, inventory and warehouse management, sales and purchase tracking, shipment tracking, managing finances, and more are all handled by the modular structure of functioning. 

It manages employees effectively and enhances production, revenue, organization of orders, sales, ROI, and manufacturing capacity. Additionally, it makes sure that communication is kept open between all staff members and throughout all departments. 

The fact that all these operations and functions can be completed utilizing a single dashboard interface with integrated analytics and data-sharing possibilities is one of the best aspects of using an ERP for small businesses. This promotes harmony and cooperation amongst all corporate departments.

What Are The Numbers?

Small firms are now embracing economical ERP solutions for their accelerated and progressive business growth. The information below speaks for itself: Today, an ERP solution and CRM are preferred investments by about 53% of small enterprises. 

According to studies, 65% of SMEs now use ERP consulting services. 96% of newly established small companies that excel in their particular industrial sectors have been found to use an ERP solution. 

Making choices now takes 36% less time for small organizations utilizing ERP software. It has been shown that SMEs that are currently working with reputable ERP solution providers save 21% of the time while carrying out business processes. 

No matter the size or category, an ERP software solution is implemented and integrated into every department of a firm. 

Strategic and thorough planning is required for the implementation and integration of an ERP software solution in order to reduce the risk of project failure and ensure that all business objectives are adequately achieved. 

However, the efforts and knowledge of reputable ERP consultants are required for a successful ERP deployment process. 

After the assistance of ERP professionals and the use of a standardized integration blueprint, an ERP deployment can be effective. Any firm, no matter how small or medium-sized, may get real-time ROI with the correctly performed and strategic adoption of an ERP software system like Odoo, which is popular and packed with features.

Odoo is The Ideal Choice For Small Business

Today, Odoo is the most popular ERP option for all small and medium-sized businesses. It has powerful and user-friendly capabilities that SMEs may use to manage many business sectors like manufacturing, retailing, trade, and so forth. 

Additionally, there is no license fee for corporations, making it a cost-effective choice for SMEs as well. Open-source, adaptable, and customizable, Odoo ERP may be altered to meet specific corporate needs and workflows. 

In order to reach the highest degree of productivity, it uses a well-structured approach to produce updated software solutions that fit and meet corporate objectives. 

Additionally, small and medium-sized businesses require a strong customer relationship management system, which is where Odoo can help. With its built-in module, it maintains the capacity to immediately address client questions in an effort to provide the highest level of user happiness and user retention. 

To ensure effectiveness and higher production, you must integrate and apply the ERP into your company’s operating system. You may achieve the pinnacle of success with the help of an ERP like Odoo, opening you additional opportunities for ambitious future growth and expansion. 

With the help of this application suite, smaller enterprises advance one step, therefore the benefits of the Odoo ERP are undeniable.

Odoo is The One-In-All solution

What makes Odoo the greatest ERP for an SME, then? The answer lies in its modularity, accessibility, affordability, and ease of usage. Even a small-scale business like yours can easily implement this ERP. 

Odoo is open-source software that offers a rarefied user interface that provides you total control over the business processes, managing your workflow and business system. 

Odoo is unquestionably rich in features and functionality when compared to the other ERP choices available today. Here are the main explanations for why Odoo is now the best ERP for small businesses.

An Application That Is Comprehensive And Cohesive

Every organization relies on a certain set of functions to function, including accounting, customer relationship management, tracking of sales and purchase orders, human resource management, warehouse management, and other functions. 

The majority of organizations handle these through the use of numerous software programs, however, this is costly and chaotic for the business. Due to their limited financial resources, SMEs must rely on various suppliers and software programs to handle these tasks. 

However, these tiny enterprises are now greatly benefiting from the Odoo ERP software. It stands out as the finest option because it offers a wide range of features, capabilities, apps, and modules on one platform. Odoo includes a comprehensive set of applications and dozens of modules to handle all business functions. 

This ERP includes many modules for practically all corporate activities, including inventory, CRM, accounting, human resources, manufacturing, and more. Thousands of apps catering to various operations of small and medium-sized organizations are available in the Odoo application store.

Extremely Economical

For every small- and medium-sized business, the cost or investment aspect is a constant source of worry. Due to budget constraints, SMEs frequently disregard the necessity of implementing an ERP. 

ERP software options with high costs include SAP, ERPNext, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics. Contrary to them, Odoo offers cost-effective business process optimization and meets nearly all of the most important company requirements. You won’t be required to pay a license cost for Odoo ERP. 

The installation fee is also extremely low. The free version is also quite economical. Overall, this ERP is the most cost-effective option available to businesses today and is ideal for SMEs. It guarantees the highest ROI, simple company administration, and efficient workflow.

Easy Availability

Odoo is simple to find and is accessible for free download. This is another justification for selecting this ERP over the other models that are currently on the market. It is appropriate for all company requirements, especially those of SMEs. 

Additionally, Odoo makes it simple to assess the requirements and applicability of features and functions so that it can effectively handle all of your essential business duties.

Simple To Implement And Integrate

Odoo is an API-friendly ERP system that is relatively easy to set up and integrate. Odoo lowers the likelihood of unforeseen behavioral shifts that every small firm experiences. 

Odoo ERP also features a modular design, which makes it a fantastic option for SMEs. Small and medium-sized organizations might start by implementing the fundamental components in accordance with the specifications. 

For improved performance outcomes, they can gradually continue with customizing and adding more components.

Highly Modular

Odoo has tens of thousands of modules that may be customized and combined to meet specific business needs. These modules are simple to use and apply for managing the company’s operations, including warehouse management, sales, orders, shipping, production, eCommerce, trading, finances, human resources, and more. The nicest part is that each module may be completely customized.


Odoo is an open-source ERP software program that is readily available to everyone. You can access the codes and modules whenever it suits your interests because the ERP is open-source. This is just another important benefit of choosing Odoo as your small business ERP.

Streamlined UI

Because of the streamlined and well-designed interface, navigation in the Odoo ERP is quick and easy. Odoo stands out as the greatest ERP option, with a clear UI and straightforward function execution, in contrast to other ERP options, where the UI tends to be complex and crowded.

Maintains Transparency

Odoo’s openness reduces the need to export or re-enter data, which leads to fewer hiccups, errors, and perfect company performance. Productivity is a crucial component of any small and medium-sized firm, and it rises as a result. Additionally, it lowers the investment in human resources while simultaneously automating all business processes.

Quick Decision-Making

An ERP like Odoo offers real-time data, which is beneficial for business accounting, marketing, and management. It helps the company to take prompt action on critical issues, which lowers the number of missed deadlines.

Increase The Overall Productivity

A significant rise in total productivity is one of the main arguments for small- or medium-sized businesses to select Odoo ERP. This is a significant factor for every SME. All expanding businesses have productivity as their primary goal. 

And Odoo promises to provide this. With Odoo, it is simple to change a number of business operations and get past some significant obstacles that arise during expansion.

Streamlined Data

The main reason an SME decides to install ERP software like Odoo into their business system is the advantage of gaining a streamlined data flow. 

For instance, if you install odoo 12 it may be challenging to obtain the financial information needed by a company’s inventory department. 

However, since every department and employee has access to all official data and information thanks to Odoo ERP software, it becomes simple.

Improved Communication And Collaboration

When it comes to communication and collaboration across several divisions of work, integrating an ERP for a small or medium-sized organization might produce a significant impact. Lack of cooperation and poor communication frequently cause data to be unavailable and inaccessible. Naturally, no expanding firm would want this to occur. This is why selecting an ERP software program like Odoo becomes so crucial.


For all of these reasons, small and medium-sized enterprises must seek out a knowledgeable and reputable Odoo consultant in order to integrate the ERP. 

Every SME desires an organized, seamless workflow that boosts productivity and profitability, and Odoo guarantees that this is true for all businesses. 

No matter what type of small business you are running—manufacturing, trading, textile, eCommerce, retail, or another—Odoo always meets your needs and automates the operations, producing a quicker and greater ROI. 

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