Avoid these Web Design Mistakes to Get to the Top

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If you are facing website performance issues and can’t figure out where the problem actually lies, you should check for the design errors undermining your business potential.

Design is the face of your website – you cannot bear mistakes and glitches. If people find inaccuracies right on your face, how are they going to trust your capabilities? You must fix the design mistakes first and foremost to portray the right image of your business.

Design mistakes could have horrendous effects on your business that affects performance and results. If your website looks unprofessional and difficult to use, visitors are likely to leave your website immediately, and that’s where your website performance starts declining.

While designing a website, the ultimate objective should be minimizing the mental energy and effort required to perform a task at the end-user. If you provide a flawless website with convenience and an intuitive user experience, the website is most likely to achieve the ultimate business goals. And to do so, it’s vital to minimize users’ effort and brainpower needed to use your website. Here are some of the major mistakes in website design that hinder good performance leading to unwanted results.

Unresponsive Website Design:

You can lose more than half of your website visitors with an unresponsive website in today’s digital market, where smartphones and other hand-held devices are the main sources of traffic. Ensure that your website works perfectly on different devices. If you do not want to lose a majority of your audience – which you obviously do not want – make your website responsive.

Users find it very frustrating to be not able to read text or load images on a website they visit. As a result, they leave the website in annoyance and frustration. Make sure your website is functional and responsive on multiple devices to eradicate the chances of losing visitors heading to your website.

Wrong Logo Position:

The creative side in your personality might urge you to place the website log either in the middle or at the right side of your website. But, something you cannot ignore is to make your website intuitive and to minimize the amount of work for your visitors as much as possible.

This is why most of the websites place their logo on the left side. Users are typically taught to find the logo at the right upper corner of a homepage. Displacing the logo from the right side can increase the mental effort of users.

Complicated Content:

Good write-ups might contain long and descriptive content, but the content on a website needs to be optimized for the target audience. Users no longer sit and read long paragraphs. Instead, they want easy-to-grasp and properly-organized content, which they can easily skim through and go into detail where they want.

On the other hand, long paragraphs seem quite daunting at first sight, and viewers are likely to scroll them down. Whereas short and concise information grabs readers’ attention and keeps them engaged.

Inconsistent Layouts:

Consistency should be practiced throughout the website. A diversity of fonts, colors, and styles make your website look unprofessional and difficult to use. It is recommended to use only two fonts and up to three colors for branding. Be consistent with your website layout and design. The font size needs to be consistent in headings, subheadings, and paragraphs.

Stick to using only two different fonts. Also, be consistent in your font size. Set a certain font size for H1 and H2 headings and stick to that. Make sure you maintain website consistency so that everything looks clean and smooth on your website.

Poor Tracking & Spacing:

The space between a letter in the content is known as tracking. Keeping the tracking too tight can make it harder to read. Keep an appropriate space between each letter, line, and paragraph to make it easier to read. Leaving too little space between texts and lines would make it hard to read, whereas too much space can be an uneasy thing in the eyes of readers.

Inappropriate Negative Space:

As we mentioned, it’s important to make your website clean and easy-to-read for users. If you overload your website with a lot of information, it makes it difficult to focus on the important ones.

Alternatively, websites having too much negative space between different elements of the website makes them look separated. Keep those texts and elements together that are supposed to be read together.

Unclear Buttons:

The main buttons and clickable on your website need to be prominent. A button that gets blended with the background fails its purpose. The leading call-to-action button should be distinguishable from other content on the website. It should stand out and clearly visible on your homepage, leading to the achievements of your goals.

Your objective may vary at different stages of business. Whatever your website objective is, a noticeable call to action button should lead your website visitors to perform the desired task.

Confusing Call-to-Actions:

Stuffing too many call-to-actions on a single page can make all of them useless. Since we have to keep the focus on the important call-to-actions, eliminate the unnecessary ones to keep it the center of attention. To make the best use of call-to-action buttons, limit its count to two only. Remember, your job is to minimize the time for visitors to find what they exactly want.

Final Words:

The basic objective of your website is to attract, engage and convert visitors into customers. Website design mistakes can be detrimental to achieving this objective for your business growth. If visitors find it difficult to perform a certain task on your website, your website most likely contains design errors making it unintuitive and inaccessible for users. You may possibly lose visitors and potential customers coming to your website.

If your website has design mistakes, don’t put it on any further delay, and consult with a professional web design agency to fix those loopholes. Invictus Star comprises a team of expert developers and creative designers who can efficaciously analyze and fix design mistakes.

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