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Fantasy Gaelic App
Fantasy Gaelic App

There are millions of sports and games played across the world. However, there are only a few games that reflect the culture and traditions of a country. Gaelic football is one among them, it speaks volumes about the culture and history of Ireland.

Gaelic football might be unknown to many! However, it can’t be denied that like football, the sport is making its inroads overseas. In 2017, the Gaelic Athletic Association raised its revenue to €65 million, largely contributed by Gaelic football.

Introducing fantasy Gaelic football

Fantasy leagues are one of the best ways to immerse the user into the experience of a sport. Even if they are not familiar with the sport, the prospect of winning hooks them to the game, and it indirectly increases the number of fans. It brings users close to the experience of the actual game.

Gaelic football has its own fantasy league and it has seen a consistent growth of fans. Outside the context of Gaelic football, the global fantasy sports market is expected to grow by $7.62 billion between 2018 and 2022. There are more than 60 million active fantasy sports players in the United States and Canada alone.

Fantasy Gaelic Football

Fantasy sports do not depend on any region or kind of sport. It is bent on enhancing the overall experience of the user. On these lines, there are a few factors that make fantasy Gaelic football an amazing engagement for fans.

Feel The Game

Being immersive is about making the fantasy players feel like they are a part of the actual game, and fantasy Gaelic football does not falter in this aspect. The outcome of the real game impacts the outcome of the fantasy game, and this keeps the fans and users hooked to the actual game.

Perks and Bonuses

It has to be admitted that this is the largest factor that attracts users to use the fantasy Gaelic football game. Although the game is called ‘fantasy’, the rewards are real. Fantasy sports players can win real cash prizes in any fantasy league and especially Gaelic football.


Each fan might have favorite players and top performers belonging to different teams, and in real Gaelic football, there is not much of a chance they will play together. However, in fantasy football, the users have the authority to create their own teams and act like managers. The fantasy league opens up avenues to explore endless possibilities for fans, and added to this is the bonus of winning prizes.

Fantasy Gaelic football has done quite a lot in popularising the game, bringing fans together, and increasing the penetration of fantasy Gaelic football applications in the social circles of fans. Passively, the app has also popularized the cultural heritage of Ireland.

Interactive Community

A game is as big as the number of fans it has! The fantasy sports app contains features to add friends and family members to play fantasy Gaelic football. This increases the magnitude of competition. The intensity is multiplied by the excitement of the real prizes at the end of the match.

How does it work?

The business model of Gaelic football revolves around the fact that a user can only build a team but the probability of winning depends on their performance in the actual game.

  • A new user can sign up for fantasy Gaelic football, and they can use their email id or phone number, or social media accounts to log in. There can also be a referral code that can be entered during the sign-up process which entitles the referrer to loyalty points.
  • Once the user signs up, the user can set up their profile. The profile helps the users to save, view and edit all the relevant data about the actions that are performed on the app.
  • To start playing, the user needs to enter a league. There are several leagues and several categories of them. There are private leagues that are open only to certain users, and there are public leagues that are open to all users. Some of them are free to enter and some of them have entry fees. The prices are available only to the leagues that have entry fees.
  • After joining a league of their choice, the users can build a team. Team building requires users to add 15 players and a manager, any modifications to be made should be done before the lock-in period. After the lock-in, users are not allowed to make any changes.
  • After the team is set, all the users need to do is sit back and enjoy the game. It is the performance of the players in the real game that is going to determine the probability of them winning.
  • Once the game is over, the points are distributed to the team members of the users. The user who has accumulated the highest points in the league wins.

In addition to this, there are a few features like live scoreboards, video-on-demand and live streaming that can enhance the experience of the fantasy Gaelic football app.

Admin’s Revenue

In all of this, it should not be forgotten that there are avenues where the creator of the app makes their profits as well. Their revenues come together from the entry fees for the in-app purchases for the advertisements. While the aspects might seem minuscule, it is the numbers that make the magic – even if the earnings per user are low, the number of users can make the difference in multiplying the revenues.

Elements of a fantasy Gaelic football app

Any application can be segmented into two broad categories, the administrator and the user. The interfaces for these two categories of users are different.

The home screen

The home screen allows users to get an overall view of the game along with its navigation controls. This screen also displays information like notifications, game statuses, etc. This home screen is the first opening screen that users will use.

Sign in/ Sign up

Users need to sign in/sign up for an account that lets them retrieve their profiles. A gamut of personalized preferences and details are saved in the user’s profile such as game records, transactions, and their network of friends.

Player information

In choosing the right players for your fantasy team, deep knowledge about players is of vital importance. To assist users with essential knowledge, the app also contains information about all the players who are participating. The profile of the players contains vital statistics that will help the users choose them for their team.

League creation option

The users can challenge their friends in a game using the fantasy Gaelic football mobile app, and create their own League.

Live scoreboard/streaming

There will always come a situation to watch the match live and analyze the performance of a team. If not for the live streaming of the match, the live scoreboard should help take care to keep users informed about the performance of the players.

News and updates

On the surface, this might seem like an additional bit of information. However, the news provided is expected to help the users place their bets and increase engagement on the app.


The e-wallet transacts money from the app into a bank account. Any wallet that is integrated within the app is a smart feature and a great garnish to your fantasy Gaelic football app. It will not only keep the transactions secure but also improve the user experience.

Push notification

The users like to be updated about important things regarding the game, and alerts, updates, and reminders can be shown to the users with the help of push notifications.

Social features

To enhance the experience in the app, users can add friends and chat with them not only about the aspects related to the game but also about social things. The app can almost function like a dedicated social network that unites people by their affiliation to a game.

Reward points

This is part of the fantasy football app that enhances the excitement. The rewards accumulated by the users can help the users by in-app items of the app which might include access to private leagues and merchandise.

Administrator Features

The administrators are in charge of keeping the users engaged and the application smooth and running without hiccups. They also keep track of and maintain every aspect of the application. The features that are exclusive to admin users are:

User management

The administrators can regulate user activities by allowing and disallowing their functions or by removing users from either an isolated League or the app itself.


Dashboards provide admins with an overall view of various activities that are ongoing in the app. Ongoing transactions, the number of active players and more can be viewed from this section.

Revenue portal

This feature allows admins to monitor the influx and outflux of monetary transactions.

Content management system

The content management system allows administrators to edit existing content and add or remove content from the application. The content might include frequently asked questions, policies, and guidelines.

The Technical Aspects

A fantasy Gaelic football application needs to be available across multiple platforms including Android, iOS, and on desktops. This would ensure a seamless cross-platform experience that will keep users actively using the app.

Developing a Fantasy Gaelic Football App

The application, without question, should be flawless in terms of functionality, interactiveness, technical soundness and security, giving your users an immersive experience, and a chance for you to win your profits.

Thinking where to begin and what to do? You shall get the answer in the subsequent cost section.

Cost of developing a beautiful Fantasy Gaelic Football App?

You need a Gaelic Football app provider for your business.

Arriving on the most important aspect of this blog. The cost to make a Gaelic Football app will entirely depend on the features one wishes to add, the technology from both the server and client-side one chooses and other integrations (White labeling, etc).

Keeping all these factors in mind a Gaelic Football app Development company comes up with a quotation for you. If you are looking to create such an app for your sports venture then do get in touch with Inoru. As the Irish saying goes, May the road rise up to meet you.

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