The Pandemic-Inspired Geek Gift Guide

gift guide
gift guide
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Some geeks have been doing social distancing since time immemorial. Happy just by being around the stories and games we wished to be a part of, we consider our satisfaction chimes as easy goals to beat. As such, the items in our wishlist revolve around our introverted lifestyle or strong obsession for fiction. Still, we find friends and relatives puzzled over which items to surprise us with. 

If there’s one tiny good thing about the pandemic, it’s the added hint to what geeks would appreciate having. While some would like the same old collectibles, others would choose practicality and comfort. But for the sake of accuracy and certainty, we rounded up some of the fail-proof gifting suggestions for the geek of your life. 

Keep Them Moving With Mevo Plus

Many video games, particularly sports simulators, could keep our favorite geek moving and sweating out the calories they’ve been keeping. However, not every piece out there promises quality entertainment, quality features, and a top-notch level of realism. Having fun while gaming is important so our gamers would play the game as it is and not feel like it’s a chore.

Flightscope Mevo+ is a golf simulator that brings entry-level courses into your home. What separates it from other games out there is its accuracy in mapping the movement and flight of the ball, as well as the strength of the golf club’s swing. It’s the most realistic simulator ever created, making it one of the most recommended motion games for indoor use.

Smartphone Sanitizer

One of the small, thoughtful gifts on this list is a smartphone sanitizer. We often wash our hands with soap, water, and disinfect further with alcohol. However, we often forgot that our smartphones and other handheld devices are not immune to the contagion. As such, sanitizing them is another thing you should do to shield yourself and the household from the virus more efficiently.

It’s difficult and time-consuming to clean your phone with cloth and alcohol. If you’re not careful enough, you could make a mess and end up with a broken smartphone. The safest and more effective way to do this is to zap the germs with a case that acts as a charger and a sanitizer. 

PlayStation 5

Sony PlayStation 5 sits at the top of every geek’s preference, regardless of gamer level. It is evident from the media’s rave desire for it and burning add-to-wishlist buttons of e-commerce stores. Despite the social proof, this console won’t be as successful as its predecessors if not for its astounding features—something non-geeks must know to pick the right tech as a gift.

Compared to the PS4 Pro, the PS5 loads games faster than ever, thanks to the powerful internal SSD. Although most PS5 games are playable in PS4 Pro, the potential for upgrades in graphics, frame rates, resolution, and overall gaming experience make it far more valuable than its aging version.

We’re not sure if this explanation served enough sense, but in layman’s terms, Sony PS5 will quickly become a staple device. A gamer would have a hard-time considering himself as one if he didn’t get a PS5 soon. We’re sure you don’t want your geek to feel that way. Moreover, you would help a geek with their Twitch or YouTube channel content if they plan to earn money through the pandemic.

Gaming Chair

Sitting for hours is literally a pain in the neck and back. Unfortunately, even with the vaccines already out, we may still find ourselves glued on the couch or office chair for another quarter or two. Give your geek a comfortable and ergonomically-designed gaming chair for convenience. 

Most of us understand how hard it is to earn in today’s economy. As such, many would not expect to receive some fancy gifts. Even so, you can get decent gaming chairs for the special geek of your life if you’re on a budget. The OFM Essentials Racing Chair and Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair are practical choices worth looking into.

Indulge Their Binge

Be a binge enabler by gifting them with a card from Amazon or Disney Plus. Whether they have an existing service doesn’t matter as you can load up their account with credits you can purchase from dedicated gifting channels of these giant streaming companies.

Since many geeks turn to Netflix, Hulu, or Crunchyroll for their daily dose of series and originals, it would be ideal to sponsor this vice. What they’ll do about it afterward is up to them, but this lessens the spending of someone who’s using these streaming platforms as resources for their blog and channel reviews.

Celebrity Shoutout

While it may not be practical these times, geeks would love to receive a recorded birthday message from someone they stan so hard. You may pay Chuck Norris for $400 for a recorded message, ask Nigel Ng (Uncle Roger) for a dedicated shoutout ($225), or even request for Steve Burns (Blue’s Clues) to sit down in the thinking chair and greet.

Cameo is a shoutout marketplace for the entertainment fan or those who want to surprise one. While they haven’t onboarded every famous personality, they have a wide array of celebrity members ready to record in exchange for a considerable amount. Even if your geek couldn’t use it daily, it’s definitely something they’d like to watch and hear whenever they feel like it.

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