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If you are doing online work on Fiverr, Freelancer or work on many other international online companies then you know that how difficult it is to send and receive payments from foreign companies.  In the field of online payment on an international level the only name you are going here is Paypal. Paypal is one of the oldest and best companies to send and receive payments from international companies. It has provided the vast network of online payment gateway which is widely being used in today’s time, because the scope of online work has increased day by day and now people started realizing the benefits of doing online work as a freelancer. It has become one of the most reliable and stress-free work. You can easily do work from home and start earning.

But the most important part comes, is that for doing online business. You require a good, reliable and secure payment gateway for online transactions. Talking on this the name PayPal would have come in your mind but let me tell you that PayPal is the oldest and widely accepted payment company but is not necessary that which was from old times is the best option to go with. The major reason for being PayPal not reliable is its high cost on every transaction you do. Which is very unfavorable for many small business owners or freelancers. Paypal charges 2.9% every time you will receive money form international payments. The other treason is that in PayPal only small transaction is possible and is not good for a large transaction.

So don’t worry I will tell you the best alternatives of Paypal which you will be glad to hear about and helps you lot in your business.

The best alternative for PayPal to get paid from international companies.

There are many companies which are now emerging as the best alternative for PayPal for doing online transaction across the globe. So here is the list of top alternatives of PayPal company.

1) Google wallet: Google wallet is the online payment service of Google company in which you can send money with an ease and without any worries of security of your money. You can link your credit card, debit card etc for doing online transaction. It is best for small work and it doesn’t charge for online transactions. Which is good for small purposes.

2) Payoneer:  You might have heard a lot about Payoneer if you work online. It has emerged as one of the best and trusted company for receiving payments from international companies very easily and without any problem. It provides secure and fast payment network to do online transactions. The charge on the transaction is very low as compared to other companies. They also provide Mastercard in which you can hold amount and doing online payments directly from Payoneer account or you can request for withdrawal to your local bank account in various affordable fees. This company has gained the trust of millions of users from different countries and has resulted in one of the best methods to receive payments. They have a different Payoneer Fees Structure.  It is very best for freelancers as the amount is transferred to your local bank account on daily basis and the process of clearance is very fast. You can get your money in your bank within 1-2 working days.

If you have been thinking of getting hands on one Payoneer account along with a Free Payoneer MasterCard, don’t hesitate to read this How To Get Payoneer MasterCard 2019.

3) Skrill: skrill is the best online payment service company which have provided it uses the user friendly network to do online payments with low fees and fast withdrawal in your bank account, they also run affiliate marketing service in which if you will refer your friend and if they do successful sign up then you will get 10% from skrill. Which is the good offer to take?

4) Payza: Payza is now the popular service of receiving and sending payments online because of its fast and secure network with incredible user interface. You can receive your money in just few minutes and the coolest thing they offer is that they accept bitcoins also.

5) Apple Pay: Apple pay is good option if you are doing online work and need to do online payments because they provide relatively most secure and fast payment option. However the service is new technology and is developing for better performance. Still it is the better payment service than others.

6) Due: Due is one of the best alternatives for PayPal as it offers amazing features like secure payments, invoices which is very helpful if you are a businessman or freelancer. It provides option to send and receive payments from its wallet and you can receive payments from international companies within 2 working days.

7)  2checkout: 2checkout offers best and fast payment service and it is much like PayPal but with some more extra features. They provide fraud protection system and you can even integrate it in your e-commerce website to bill your customers securely and efficiently.

8) Venmo: Venmo is the combination of Facebook and PayPal, however, PayPal has acquired video but the concept and working of it are different from other payment companies. Venmo provides a social interface like Facebook in which if you pay your friend then it will be posted on it and all your friends can see it.

Choosing an alternative for PayPal would be difficult for you so in my opinion Payoneer is one of a kind and is the best option out there to take in receiving online payments from international companies. It is good to save some the high fee you spend on receiving money and then when you received it. Then it wouldn’t be the same figure which you were supposed to receive because they charge 2.9% every time you receive money in your PayPal account.

So this was the best alternative of PayPal to receive payments from international companies.

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