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Tesla loses senior software engineer to Lyft’s self-driving team

As the Tesla Model 3 continues to face delays in production and key Tesla executives continue to leave the company, Elon Musk has announced...
Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S gets a subtle makeover from tuner Novitec

The Tesla Model S gets a new body kit, lowered suspension, and better brakes from German tuner Novitec. The result is a more aggressive...
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The Tesla Model 3 should have a heads-up display

The Tesla Model 3 should have a heads-up display How many drivers are going to end up retrofitting their new Model 3s with bad substitute...

Self Driving Cars Continue to Be Developed, But May Still Be Decades Away

Self drive cars. The term brings several things to the minds of people involved with developing them,...

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Unlock Your Employee Retention Potential With Technology

Having the best people onboard has always been a priority for businesses but retention is equally important. It is vital to retain...