How Mobile Apps, AI, and IoT are turning Our Living Spaces Smarter and Safer?

mobile app

Smart homes are already here. Many urban people already do a lot of things by just talking to their handheld or intelligent gadgets. From turning lights off and on to telling your Google Assistant to book an Uber, you and many of us already live in a smart world. This …

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How enterprise mobile app development transforms an organization?

Internet of Things

Nowadays, industries are using mobile applications to streamline their business flow, internal working between their resources, enhance client communication, deliver better products and services. These are just a few benefits of enterprise mobile app development, which plays a key role in transforming organizations. Not only does technology add pace to …

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How is IoT Changing Inventory Management

inventory management system using iot

How is IoT Changing Inventory Management Inventory management solves the basic business need. Nowadays inventory management eliminates the dependency on spreadsheets and physical counts. Currently, cloud-based inventory systems are enabled to trace items in real time. Normally products have either an RFID tag or barcode label so they can be …

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Why should you adopt smart, architecture-centric Big Data tools like Hadoop?

Big Data is a collection of gigantic amounts of information and the data sets are both structured as well as unstructured. The size of big data is huge, and it is measured in Petabytes or Zettabytes. Therefore, there is no doubt about the fact the traditional database management tools and …

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OPC: The Industrial IoT Protocol That Matters


The foundation of an IoT infrastructure depends on how well the systems interface with each other on a plant-wide basis to interchange information safely and constantly. Recent technological developments, however, address these hurdles to smart factory modification, helping companies get connected to the cloud to control data and devices, obtain …

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IoT Enabled Energy Conservation

IoT Enabled Energy

As per the Research and Markets report, residential buildings consume a remarkable portion of its energy. Residential buildings count for near about 40% of energy consumption and commercial buildings which involves retail stores, hotels, and hospitals, which count for a further 30%. There are environmental and economic benefits of using …

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