How is IoT Changing Inventory Management

inventory management system using iot

How is IoT Changing Inventory Management Inventory management solves the basic business need. Nowadays inventory management eliminates the dependency on spreadsheets and physical counts. Currently, cloud-based inventory systems are enabled to trace items in real time. Normally products have either an RFID tag or barcode label so they can be …

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OPC: The Industrial IoT Protocol That Matters


The foundation of an IoT infrastructure depends on how well the systems interface with each other on a plant-wide basis to interchange information safely and constantly. Recent technological developments, however, address these hurdles to smart factory modification, helping companies get connected to the cloud to control data and devices, obtain …

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The Future of Connectivity: Enabling the Internet of Things

Industrial IoT Network

The growth of IoT, coordinates with the direct growth in potential efficiency and growth for almost any business, covering everything from enhanced customer engagement and product/service improvements to a range of environmental/office developments. This is the reason why businesses are now getting help from IoT companies such as TDengine because …

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IoT Enabled Energy Conservation

IoT Enabled Energy

As per the Research and Markets report, residential buildings consume a remarkable portion of its energy. Residential buildings count for near about 40% of energy consumption and commercial buildings which involves retail stores, hotels, and hospitals, which count for a further 30%. There are environmental and economic benefits of using …

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Industrial IoT in Manufacturing

industrial iot

Industrial IoT is a rapidly progressing sector in almost all industries. Industrial IoT is carrying such capabilities enabling operational efficiency, productivity, and performance like never seen before. Industry experts have assumed that by 2020, IIoT will be a $225 billion market that will have great impacts in modern manufacturing including …

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Smart Water Management Using IoT

Water Management Using IoT

Smart Water Management Using IoT (Internet of Things) IoT is connected with almost every industries ranging from smart home to smart cities, transportation to the traffic management systems, etc. Water management is one of them which is highly impacted by the IoT (Internet of Things). The proper implementation of IoT …

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