Does a New Router Improve my Internet Speed?

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A router is the central part of your in-home wireless network. It is a compact device, which is responsible for dispersing internet signals throughout the house, connecting data-hungry devices, and establishing their communication with the World Wide Web. The best feature of this networking device is that it gives birth to wireless functionality or Wi-Fi, … Read more

Why the internet is more important now?

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The world is a totally different spot from what it resembled this time a year ago. While we are recuperating from a pandemic, it’s never been more imperative to approach the web. From having the option to associate with companions, see relatives over a video call, or work from home, you’ve presumably never utilized it … Read more

Minimize piracy through Ebook DRM


Buying books to read and enjoy has been a centuries-old practice that continues today even in the ever-popular electronic domain. That is, until recent times. Piracy in print has been a raging issue for decades and is not so different on the Internet. With millions of people downloading copyrighted content for free from peer to … Read more

Delete Facebook

Delete Facebook

Unfortunately, social media isn’t what it used to be. Some of that is simply due to the invention of new platforms, like Whatsapp and Snapchat. Neither one of those services are linked to Facebook. Facebook is obviously an industry leader, one that helped to pioneer the social media landscape – a landscape they have dominated … Read more

Etiya helps launch the brand new all-digital mobile and Internet provider Fizz


Etiya, the leading Independent Software Vendor providing comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Catalogue and AI-Driven B/OSS, as well as Customer and Social Media Analytics to Communications and Digital Service Providers, announced that it was selected by Fizz to help launch Canada’s first all-digital mobile and Internet services last Fall. With its 100% digital mobile and … Read more

What is a ‘Good’ Internet Speed for Gamers?

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The modern multiplayer gaming experience depends squarely on the speed of the Internet service that makes the venture possible, so the ‘What is a Good Internet Speed’ query is an important one. In the gaming world, there exists no resource more important to the success of any gaming venture (be it enacted within the comfort … Read more

Why Intel Axed Some Of Its Internet Of Things-Related Consumer Products – Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC)

Recovering Data from Damaged Partition

Why Intel Axed Some Of Its Internet Of Things-Related Consumer Products – Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Published through Intel’s own website, product discontinuance was confirmed for Galileo, Edison, and Joule compute products. The Joule Internet of Things module and development kit got launched only last year. The SD card-size Edison was unveiled in 2014 … Read … Read more