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How Mobile Apps, AI, and IoT are turning Our Living Spaces Smarter and Safer?

Smart homes are already here. Many urban people already do a lot of things by just talking to their handheld or intelligent...

Can IoT Assure Industry Requirements in the Future?

IoT is a booming industry. It revolves around any profession. This blog will give you information on...
Internet of Things

How enterprise mobile app development transforms an organization?

Nowadays, industries are using mobile applications to streamline their business flow, internal working between their resources, enhance client communication, deliver better products...

Why should you adopt smart, architecture-centric Big Data tools like Hadoop?

Big Data is a collection of gigantic amounts of information and the data sets are both structured...
IoT Enabled Energy

IoT Enabled Energy Conservation

As per the Research and Markets report, residential buildings consume a remarkable portion of its energy.
What is IoT?

Let Your Mobile apps be More Human by Including IoT and Bots

“It is the thesis of this book that society can only be understood through a study of the messages and the communication...

Canonical Announces Ubuntu Core 18 for IoT

Canonical today published Ubuntu Core 18, bringing the popular Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to high-security embedded devices. Ubuntu Core 18 will...
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We’ll Be Chowing Down Electronics in No Time

With the growing encroachment of Big Data and the Internet of Things and other digital buzzwords on our daily lives, it should be no...

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