How to Add Attachments in Gmail for Android

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If you don’t use email as part of your day to day life, it can easily be one of those things that seems more complicated than it is. But there’s no need to break out the computer if you simply need to email something—a picture, document, something—because you can easily do it directly from your phone.
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Google adding anti-phishing feature to Gmail for Android app


The same week that a Google Docs phishing scam made the news, Google has announced new anti-phishing features for the Gmail for Android app.

Google says that it’s implementing anti-phishing security checks in Gmail for Android. When you get an email with a link to a site that Gmail has identified as a forgery, you’ll get a warning message to say that it could be a phishing scam. You can then either go back or continue to the site if you think that it’s safe.

This is a nice addition to the Gmail for Android app. Not only does it help folks to identify potential phishing scams, but it shows them a full-screen warning when a scam is likely so that the user can’t miss it…
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The Windows 10 Mail app now works better with Gmail

Microsoft wants to tempt Gmail users to switch from the web client to the Mail app built into Windows 10 – support for prioritizing emails automatically, tracking package deliveries and managing reservations will shortly start working with Gmail accounts as well as Outlook ones.

The Focused Inbox feature is the most noteworthy, where the Mail app pushes important-looking messages to the top of the pile, a lot like Gmail on the web does. Less urgent messages get filtered out into an "Other" folder so you can deal with them when you've got the time.

For all this to work, Microsoft says the app syncs a copy of your email, contacts and calendars to the cloud, so it …
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